Rose And Caramel Nudity Glow Gradual Tanning Water 250ml

Rose And Caramel Nudity Glow Gradual Tanning Water 250ml

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Nudity Glow Is A Dual-Purpose Tanning Product. This Super Hydrating Skin Softening Mist Can Be Used Daily As A Gradual Tanning Water Giving A Subtle Tan That Can Be Built Upon Daily. Great For Those Who Want A Natural Glow. Enriched With 24 Hour Skin Hydration Technology & A Light Shimmer To Give You Skin That Shines.Nudity Glow Is Also THE BEST Self Tan Extender! The Oil Free Mist Hydrates The Skin Without Breaking Down Your Self Tan With Its Low DHA Percentage It Will Give A Gentle ColourThe Key To A Perfect Tan Is Clean Skin, Start Your Tanning Routine With Tan Free & Moisturised Skin With Our Purity Self Tan Removers.Extend Your Tan Life And Encourage An Even Fade With Our Purity Prep & Protect 3 in 1 Tanning Essential.

Aqua, acetamidoethoxyethanol, dihydroxyacetone, glycerin, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, polysorbate -20, DMDM hydration, perfume, benzyl salicyte, hexyl cinnamal limonene

Mist Nudity Glow Over Your Skin Daily As A Gradual Tanner.

Alternative Nudity Glow Can Be Used To Give A Gentle Colour Boost To Fading Self Tans.

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