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PureChimp 100% Natural Facial Cleanser - 80g
  • Purechimp super cleanser 80g
  • Purechimp super cleanser 80g
  • Purechimp super cleanser 80g
  • Purechimp super cleanser 80g
  • Purechimp super cleanser 80g
  • Purechimp super cleanser 80g
  • Purechimp super cleanser 80g

PureChimp 100% Natural Facial Cleanser - 80g



Size: 80g
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A natural cleanser with a twist. Break a piece of your cleanser off and mix with water to create a gentle cleansing milk.

Full of natural goodness

No more dry skin after cleansing

Cleanse your skin without aggravating it

100% natural, vegan, palm oil free & handmade in the UK

Packaged in recyclable glass

Also great for sensitive skin

Our natural facial cleanser contains 0 out of 27 known skin allergens, often found in fragrances & essential oils.

How to use PureChimp 100% Natural Facial Cleanser - 80g

Take a small piece of your cleanser & mix with water in your palm. Massage gently into your skin. Rinse away with cold water. Use 1-2 times a day.

Ingredients in PureChimp 100% Natural Facial Cleanser - 80g

Almond Flour, Vegetable Glycerine, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Kaolin Clay, Dried Marigold, Banana Extract, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Vitamin E Oil

Reviews for PureChimp 100% Natural Facial Cleanser - 80g

Average rating: based on 16 customer reviews

5 moisturising and smells divine

I love this cleanser as my morning cleanse, it is a bit messy but my skin feels so soft afterwards. The banana scent is out of this world, it is so sweet and beautiful, it puts me in a good mood straight away! A little goes a long way so it lasts well and I love that it is suitable for sensitive skins. And it is plastic free!
Full review here:

08 Oct 2021 by Camille
4 Excellent!

Excellent! my skin is prone to both dryness and acne and works wonders, smells beautifully. The only downside is for the boyfriend with a beard, so just needs more rinsing.

23 Sep 2020 by Salty
5 Awesome

I am surprised by this cleanser. It smells like cookies, easy to use and gives your face a nice massage while cleansing the face. Face gets super soft after using it. I have nothing bad to say about this cleanser.

02 Apr 2020 by Eva
5 Amazing

Over the years I have purchased expensive cleansers and I was a bit troubled on whether it would meet my expectations but I just purchased my second jar (a little goes a long way) and I am extremely impressed!

04 Dec 2018 by Afro.d
3 A bit too solid consistency

In itself a nice product, however I had some problems to use it because the consistency for me was too tight.

18 May 2018 by Caren

the smell is too strong

25 Mar 2018 by karen
5 Best cleanser I have ever used

I have sensitive dry skin and this makes it supple without overdoing it and my skin has cleared up when i use this + tea tree toner and normal organic light moisturiser
It's amazing!!! Plus it smells really good. It lasts for a couple of months and I use it night and day.
I decided to try another face cleanser that was double the price as I wanted to see what the fuss was about that one. Immediately felt the difference my skin was horrible and I needed to purchase a thicker moisturiser. I am now converting back to this and wont ever deviate. Definitely worth the price and it's now part of my staple regime.

07 Dec 2017 by Becky
5 It helped clearing my skin a lot!

I really love this cleanser!
I have a very sensitive skin and have problems with acne. This cleanser is super gentle to the skin. It doesnt irritate or dry it out. I use a lot of make up, so in order to clean all of my make up I have to use it twice to clean. It is not so great at removing mascara on its own, but with the help of some coconut oil it works wonders. Since I have used it, my skin has become more clear and I feel more comfortable with makeup. I can definitely recommend it!

09 Jul 2017 by Anja
5 Exceeded expectations

Have been lusting for this for a while now, and my skin love's it. I've got oily skin that's prone to blackheads and gets easily congested. Not with this one, it exfoliates your skin the lightest gentlest way and leaves it feeling moisturized and revitalized. The smell is lovely too, like banana candies, yummy!

14 Jun 2016 by Luna
5 eKomi Review

This one is fantastic. Gentle on the skin, perfectly removes make up. Smells like banana heaven. Love it! On the side note its a bit messy to use it, but i dont mind at all

27 Jul 2015 by Jurgita
5 I Love It!

I love this stuff! So natural and smells really nice. It's helped clear up my awkward, sensitive skin, my face feels lovely and clean after use. I'll definitely be buying more!

03 Jul 2015 by Kate

When I first used this product, I thought I hated it. I found it super difficult to use and not effective at all... until I actually understood I wasn't using it right ! I was using way too much water. You only need to mix it with a few drops (otherwise it is too runny and diluted so it has literally no effect). Once I finally did it right I LOVED it! Works very well, excellent ingredients, and very gentle, does not irritate mysensitive skin at all. I like the fact that it's an unusual product, even though it's not the easiest to use. Would certainly recommend it, especially if you have sensitive skin!

19 Apr 2015 by Laure
5 eKomi Review

I'm on my fourth jar of this cleanser. My sensitive combination skin reacts to most foaming cleansers so this is a great alternative. It also provides a bit of exfoliation.

07 Mar 2015 by Lubica
5 eKomi Review

Really unusual product but I have really enjoyed using it - takes a bit of rubbing in hands to transform into a milk with a very very gentle exfoliating action. I have very sensitive skin and never use exfoliants - this works really well for me.

16 Dec 2014 by Sarah
5 Goodness in a jar

There's nothing bad to say about this cleanser. It's all things good (ingredients are natural, smells nice, no animals were harm etc.) and the jar's a lot bigger than you expect it to be when it arrives. There's also an added bonus of the cleanser despite turning into milk having bits of exfoliating goodies (must be from the flour) when you use it.

Been using it for a week now and it's been working great on my skin. Can't wait to try out the brand's other products.

19 Aug 2014 by Kim
5 eKomi Review

Haven't received it yet

11 Jun 2014 by Laure