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PureChimp 100% Natural Super Shampoo Bar - 80g
  • Purechimp 100 natural super shampoo bar handmade in the uk hair care 80g
  • Purechimp 100 natural super shampoo bar handmade in the uk hair care 80g
  • Purechimp 100 natural super shampoo bar handmade in the uk hair care 80g

PureChimp 100% Natural Super Shampoo Bar - 80g



Size: 80g
In stock

A magical 100% natural shampoo bar with gorgeous creamy banana smell with hints of luxurious vanilla

Easy to use

Also great for sensitive skin

Does your skin get irritated by the shampoo you use? This will now be a thing of the past. Wash your hair without worrying about aggravating your skin.

Shelf life: 18 months

The soap is hand wrapped in gorgeous black tissue paper and bound together with a gloss circle label that has a similar design to labels found on all of our natural products.

Handmade in the UK

How to use PureChimp 100% Natural Super Shampoo Bar - 80g

Rub into your hair to create a shampoo foam and rinse.

Ingredients in PureChimp 100% Natural Super Shampoo Bar - 80g

Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Avocado Oil. Beer, Banana Extract. That is all!

Reviews for PureChimp 100% Natural Super Shampoo Bar - 80g

Average rating: based on 8 customer reviews


Didn't like it for my hair but I wash my sensitive face with it.

2 So so

This product is not for dry hair, it dries it even more. It cleanses ok, I assume might be good for oily hair

5 Best bar shampoo!

I simply love this bar shampoo. It leaves your hair fuller, shinier and looking healthier.

2 Probably better for finer hair

Mixed thoughts on this one.
My daughter's hair is fine and delicate and this seemed to suit her hair well. It left it feeling thicker and smooth. It didn't make it shiny though. There was no lingering smell.
On the other hand my hair is thick and resilient. This left it feeling a bit like "helmet hair"; it left a residue which meant my hair had very little movement after washing - almost as if I'd put a load of hairspray on. It left my hair sort of sticky whilst washing (Despite rinsing well) and I had to use much more conditioner than normal. It was also very dull and left an unpleasant smell on my hair.
I will probably use it up on my daughter's hair but I won't be rebuying.

5 This shampoo bar is actually great!

After using this soap bar for more than two months I started to actually like it more than my other organic/natural quite expensive liquid shampoo. This is the reason I had to update my previous review. It leaves the hair thicker, shinier and very nice overall. I am glad I gave it a longer trial period before I dismissed it completely.

4 eKomi Review

It is really a lovely product. Unfortunately, bar soaps don't suit my hair as much as I would have liked them to. I really like the ingredients of this soap. So, I will continue to use it occasionally.

3 Lovely smell but a little heavy

I loved the idea of this shampoo bar! Gorgeous ingredients, scent and good in all manners of the word. Easy to use and apply but like the other review, I found ti was quite heavy and left a residue on my hair - and my hair is pretty thick so I rinse products out thoroughly. Will keep it as a soap though :)

3 Nice product but for dry hair type

I was pretty enthusiast in testing this shampoo bar! Nice smell, very foamy and I really liked the texture.
Unfortunately, it end up being way too heavy for my natural hair type.
However, I will use it as a soap, and it will for sure be perfect for my sensitive skin, especially in winter

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