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Primavera Organic Wheat Germ Oil 100ml

Primavera Organic Wheat Germ Oil 100ml



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High concentrations of Vitamin E make Primavera Wheat Germ Oil a great choice for dry and mature skin. Keep skin supple during pregnancy with Wheat Germ Oil. This is a gentle oil with the highest concentration of Vitamin E of all oils and is ideal for overall body care, and especially beneficial for moisturising, rejuvenating and protecting dry and mature skin.

This is also ideal as a body care oil and massage oil.

Primavera has a deep respect for nature and ultra-high integrity. Spreading organic and biodynamic (Demeter) farming worldwide through their fair trade cooperative projects in over 18 countries, Primavera is a world leader in aromatherapy-based products. Free of synthetic preservatives, colors and fragrances. Never tested on animals.

How to use Primavera Organic Wheat Germ Oil 100ml

Dilute 1 part Wheat Germ Oil with 10 parts Jojoba or Almond Oil.

Ingredients in Primavera Organic Wheat Germ Oil 100ml

Triticum Vulgare (Wheat) Germ Oil.

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2 eKomi Review

The problem is not the product, is the expire date, which is 3 months later!!!

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