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Primavera Organic Argan Oil 30ml

Primavera Organic Argan Oil 30ml



Size: 30ml
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Skin Type: Normal| Dry| Mature| Sensitive

Primavera Organic Argan Seed Oil is derived from the kernels of the nut from the Moroccan Argan tree. Argan Oil is very rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, protecting sensitive skin, soothing dry and irritated skin, improving elasticity and helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This nourishing and moisturising skin food quickly absorbs into the skin and does not leave a greasy film.

Primavera Organic Argan Seed Oil offers age-defying benefits and helps fight free radical damage.

How to use Primavera Organic Argan Oil 30ml

After cleansing, massage into damp skin. Primavera Organic Argan Seed Oil may be diluted with other oils such as Jojoba or Almond Oil. Use for massage, as a body oil or to prevent stretchmarks, in a bath with essential oil, as a simply nourishing facial oil and cleanser or massaged into hair to nourish dry, flaky scalps.

Ingredients in Primavera Organic Argan Oil 30ml

Pure Organic Argan Oil (Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil)

Reviews for Primavera Organic Argan Oil 30ml

Average rating: based on 3 customer reviews

4 eKomi Review

Put a little bit on damp skin. Would avoid the hair as can make it oily. Good quality.

19 Jan 2014 by Zoe

It's been only a week and I have felt great about this Argan oil. Recommended by a close friend, it is very easy to absorb and does a great job to keep skin moisturised and radiant. I needn't use anything in daytime after using this before bed. Highly recommended!

15 Oct 2013 by RW
5 Fabulous!!!

This oil worked miracles against my psoriasis of the scalp, and on the body. It sooths and condtitions, and to a remarkable degree actually removes the psoriasis. It washes out of the hair with only two rounds of shampooing, and leaves the hair wonderfull!!! I put it in in the morning and wore it for 24 hrs, the smell is anonymous to fresh, so I just styled my hair as if it was wax or gel. It absorbed easily into the skin, and helped right away! A very small amount was all I needed for full coverage and effect. Iwould recomend this product to anyone with psoriasis, or even to anyone with skin problems.(as allready mentioned, it is also a great hair treatment).

06 Jul 2013 by Anne