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PHB Ethical Beauty Black All-In-One Mascara 9g
  • Phb ethical beauty black all in one mascara 9g
  • Phb ethical beauty black all in one mascara 9g

PHB Ethical Beauty Black All-In-One Mascara 9g


PHB Ethical Beauty

Size: 10ml
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“This Award Winning natural mascara lengthens, thickens and volumises lashes… and is perfect for sensitive eyes.” VOGUE Magazine, Best Kept Beauty Secrets 2014.

PHB’s Award Winning All-In-One Natural Mascara is the perfect all-encompassing mascara. It lengthens, thickens and volumises lashes with a gentle water-resistant formula that lasts all day without ever smudging or flaking. Made with a unique blend of botanical oils which nourish and protect, helping to lengthen and strengthen lashes naturally for beautiful eyes.

Great for sensitive eyes that water easily.

Best Natural Mascara - Winner at the Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards 2013

PHB Ethical Beauty is a family business - 20% of profit goes to charity.

Key Benefits: • Free from nano particles, parabens, bismuth oxychloride, talc, formaldehyde, mineral oils, fillers, gluten, fragrance, preservatives & GM ingredients. • Lengthens, thickens and volumises • Water resistant • Never flakes or smudges • Nourishes and strengthens lashes • Free from petrochemicals • Great for sensitive eyes • Vegan, Cruelty Free and Halal Certified

PHB Products are free from Animal Ingredients, Parabens, SLS, DEA, TEA, Alcohol (ethyl alcohol, ethanol), Artificial perfumes /fragrance, Petrochemicals, Methylisothiazolinone, Phthalates, Colourants, Silicone, Mineral oils and Propylene Glycol. PHB products are Organic, Vegan & Halal. This product is free from Palm oil. The product and its ingredients have not been tested on Animals.

How to use PHB Ethical Beauty Black All-In-One Mascara 9g

Apply to lashes for beautifully pigmented long lashes. Apply a second coat for extreme length and thickness. PHB Tip: Move your hand left and right very slightly when applying to separate lashes to perfectly accentuate the eyes.

Ingredients in PHB Ethical Beauty Black All-In-One Mascara 9g

Aqua (Water), Oryza Sativa Wax (Rice Bran Wax), Olea Europea fruit oil (Olive Oil), Vegetable Source Cetyl Alcohol (Coconut), Coernica Cerifera (Carnauba Wax), Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla Wax), Vegetable Glycerin, Stearic Acid, Acacia Gum, Black Iron oxide (CI 77499), Aminomethyl Popandiol (Ph Adjuster), Phenoxyethanol (Preservative).

Reviews for PHB Ethical Beauty Black All-In-One Mascara 9g

Average rating: based on 20 customer reviews

4 Great product

The mascara is amazing! It lasts without smudging and it's fitting for sensitive eyes. My eyes used to get irritated everytime i used regular mascara but this one is extremely comfortable.

02 Aug 2020 by Jules

I read positive and then negative reviews and was a little bit thinking should I buy it but so happy I decided to test it myself and I am so happy with it. My eyes are very sensitive and I really have trouble having mascara on. It makes my eyes cry and watery all the time and ofc red. But this one is so gentle and does not bother me at all. Also, it gives such a natural look. It looks like you literally have naturally long eyelashes without that usual fakeness feel of the way to much tint on eyes. I will definitely use this from now on regular. And advice if you see reviews that are so opposite like just 5 or 1 try it for yourself I am so happy I did.

11 Oct 2019 by Mirela
4 Not perfect, but pretty good

I dropped off a star coz it sometimes smudges a little over my skin during the day, but is easy to wipe off. I find the wand easy to use, product applies easily, dries quickly & once dry, you can touch it without it imparting colour (but if it rubs against skin, then it smudges). It is dark black & can be layered for more volume, but I've never tried to get it super-voluminous & imagine you'd need a few layers. This wand gives nice lash separation. I've used my tube for about 6mths & never had dry flecks dusting over my skin. The product has not dried out & still applies as it did when first opened. At one point the brush got overloaded with product, causing some blobs when applying, so either wipe the wand or follow up with a clean spoolie. For a 'natural' mascara, I'm impressed.
I use oil or an oily-balm to remove it, but a little persistence is required.

13 Sep 2019 by Kat
1 Not for me

I've been looking for a natural mascara that doesn't make me look like a racoon, and thought I'd give this one a try, after reading the positive reviews. Sadly, after using it 4-5 times, it is now going in the bin. Except from the first time I used it, I've had to wipe off the wand, to get rid of clumps. It helps a bit, but my lashes keeps sticking together as well. Using an eyelash brush helps a bit.

14 Apr 2018 by Elisabeth
1 Really disappointed

I read all the shining reviews so thought I would try this mascara. I found the brush to be very fat and I got a little on the upper waterline of my eye and it stung like crazy. Made my eyes puff up and go red and it really hurt. I don't have sensitive eyes so I was really surprised. I can use the mascara but only if I don't put any on the lash root which seems to defeat the point. I haven't reacted to any cosmetic ever and I would not use this again.

11 Apr 2018 by Michelle
5 Could be my all time favourite!

I received this in a LL Beauty Box and it is definitely in my top 3 mascaras (& as a beauty blogger, I have tried many!) This does not budge for me - no smudging whatsoever. It does leave my lashes a little 'crispy' but nothing that would stop me buying this again.

07 Jan 2018 by Carrie
5 Ms.

Very nice deep black and feels nice. Does it's job and doesn't make my eyes tingle as others.

17 Nov 2017 by Kluh
5 Best natural mascara

This mascara is WONDERFUL! Feels weightless on my lashes, absolutely no flakiness and lasts all day. Can't wait to try the eyeliner.

20 Oct 2017 by Antonia
5 I love it.

Does not dry out eyes or the region surrounding my eyes which is normally very sensitive. It does last as advertised. Brush shape could be improved.

09 Oct 2017 by sha
5 best mascara ever!!

Love this mascara!! Never buying another!! Goes on great! Lengthens and thickness better than all of the mainstream ones I've ever tried. Water resistant, not proof, meaning it comes off a bit easier, but you can still have a cry or chop onions, or get caught in the rain.
Absolute winner this one!

14 Sep 2017 by Sarah

Previously I have used Lavera mascara for a number of years, but couldn't get it this time so tried this one based on the other positive reviews. Unfortunately it hasn't suited me. It's worth noting I'm quite particular and a bit ocd about putting on mascara, I like quite a light application and don't like it clumping. The details for this mascara does say it thickens and volumises but the last Lavera mascara I had was a volume one but it didn't go like this one has. So my review is probably only for those who are like me :)

Firstly I found the smell a bit chemically on first opening it, which my only comparison was against the Lavera mascara I used which had a lovely floral scent.

Secondly I found for me the brush head was a bit big, and it's tapered. Again this is just based on what I previously used and liked, which was a narrower brush all the same thickness. I think it would be great to include a picture of the mascara brush with the product.

Finally, I have found the product quite thick and clumpy on the brush. I've had to wipe quite a lot off in order to make the brush usable (for me). It has just got steadily thicker. I bought the mascara in Dec 2016 and 6 months later I'm ready to bin it. Perhaps that's how long mascara should last, but I found the Lavera one lasted a lot longer.

11 May 2017 by Charlotte
5 Fantastic - ticks all the boxes

I've tried hundreds of mascaras, mostly 'normal' ones that contain chemicals, but a few natural ones too. This is by far my favourite, even versus high end ones, as it ticks all the boxes for lengthening, volumising and water resistance and doesn't contain any nasties. I sat in a steam room at a pool and it barely budged! It really is great.

02 Mar 2017 by Becky
5 First organic mascara that I love!

I have tried lots of organic and natural mascaras but this is the first one that would actually repurchase! It gives a really natural lift and look to the eyelashes that I love. I keep getting complemented on my mascara so it's definitely making an impact. Like a previous use, I do find it can clog on the brush after a while but a simple wipe with a tissue sorts that out and having used the mascara for two months I've only had to do that once! Love it!

18 Jan 2017 by Katie
5 Ideal for sensitive eyes

After searching through many different brands I have finally found this mascara and I am thoroughly happy with it. Usually my eyes were sore and irritated in the end of the day and every evening I end up with swollen eyelids. When I started to use PHB Beauty all my issues vanished. Additionally the brush helps to apply the mascara properly. This is my second purchase and I wouldn't replace it with anything else.

16 Dec 2016 by Aleksandra
3 Good black mascara, hard to apply

This mascara is a lovely deep black, stays on all day and didn't irritate my eyes. The only thing I didn't like was the brush which I found hard to use, the mascara tended to clog to it, which made it hard to apply and I managed to get it all over my hands. Used an eyelash comb to separate my eyelashes and remove some of the product. So a bit of a faff to apply.

12 Dec 2016 by Mia47
5 Love it!

It was better than I expected. I have sensentive eyes and this did not irritate them at all, and it did not smudge or move. I really recomend this for someone who wants a good mascare that gives a naturall finish.

24 Nov 2016 by Hava
5 Great

Simple and effective, used won't disappoint, great with eye lash curler. Stays put longer than some other high end natural mascaras.

21 Nov 2016 by Zsofi
5 Great product

My eyes are quite sensitive and this product doesn't seem to irritate them. It stays put and gives a good result.

27 Apr 2016 by Penelope
5 eKomi Review

Really goes on easily. Does not smudge and mascara lasts all day.

06 Jan 2016 by MARINA
5 eKomi Review

excellent natural mascara

04 Jan 2016 by Lesley