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Organyc - Panty Liners (Extra Long)

Organyc - Panty Liners (Extra Long)



Size: 20 pack
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Organyc panty liners are made from an internal core of absorbent organic cotton wool and a superior layer of pure, non woven, organic cotton. All Organyc products are free from perfume, colouring agents and absorbent polymers. All our folded pads are wrapped in Mater-Bì®, a bio plastic film derived from corn starch, while the external packaging is made from recycled cardboard, making the packaging biodegradable and compostable.

How to use Organyc - Panty Liners (Extra Long)

Use as required.

Ingredients in Organyc - Panty Liners (Extra Long)

Organic cotton, Mater-Bi

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