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Odylique SPF 30 Natural Sun Screen 100ml

Odylique SPF 30 Natural Sun Screen 100ml


Odylique by Essential Care

Size: 100ml
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This exceptionally pure all-natural sun cream is ideal for very sensitive skin and all the family, babies and children. It can be applied to the face or body. The sun screen offers unique triple protection: Broad spectrum UVA, UVB to SPF 30, and powerful organic Antioxidants to scavenge free radicals. It actively cares for your skin with skin-friendly zinc oxide plus NINE of the very finest organic botanicals, including karanja seed and Fairtrade raw shea butter to replenish and soothe, plus special extracts of chamomile, rosemary and sea buckthorn to calm the skin and counteract the damaging effects of the sun with a powerpack of antioxidants. No nanoparticles – No silicone – No artificial UV filters, preservatives, fragrance or colour. The texture is not heavy, non-whitening, not pore-clogging and not greasy. It is also the first ever sun screen that is both approved by the Fairtrade Foundation and organically certified. Effective immediately on application – no waiting around for chemical sun screens to take effect!

How to use Odylique SPF 30 Natural Sun Screen 100ml

Apply to any exposed areas on face and body. This sun cream is effective immediately on application. Reapply after swimming.

Ingredients in Odylique SPF 30 Natural Sun Screen 100ml

INCI: Pongamia glabra seed oil*, Zinc oxide, Butyrospermum parkii butter*F, Silica, Helianthus annuus seed oil*, Euphorbia candelilla cera*, Simmondsia chinensis seed oil, Copernica cerifera*, Hippophae rhamnoides extract*, Chamomilla recutita extract*, Rosmarinus officinalis extract*, Jojoba esters, Polyhydroxystearic acid Plain English: Karanja oil*, Zinc oxide (non-nano), Raw Shea butter*F, Silica, Sunflower oil*, Candelilla wax*, Jojoba extracts, Carnauba wax*, Chamomile*, Rosemary* and Sea buckthorn* extracts, Natural stabilisers (from corn) *Certified organic (76% of product) - 20% mineral F Ingredient complies with Fairtrade Standards, minimum 5%.

Reviews for Odylique SPF 30 Natural Sun Screen 100ml

Average rating: based on 4 customer reviews

5 Gentle mineral spf

Loved this - found it soothing and gentle and didn't irritate rosacea. I used it as a face sunscreen in Spain & no redness. It is a rich cream, to me it had a pleasant natural camomile/calendula scent initially after application but not lingering on through the day.

10 Apr 2019 by Tina

I really love this new product. It is rich without being greasy - it seemed to plump my skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines (a handy unintended benefit). Once absorbed for a few minutes, it made a fabulous base for makeup. So pleased there are no added extras - fragrance, colour, etc to irritate my sensitive skin. One slight downside is that it is tricky to squeeze out of the tube (perhaps Odylique could look into better adapted packaging...) but overall, I can't recommend this highly enough.

28 Sep 2016 by Sarah
5 Holy grail product!

I'm very fair skinned and burn easily, so I'm always on the look out for a really effective sunscreen (but I also wanted it to be natural!). I have certainly tried my fair share and after using this product, my search is definitely over.

This sunscreen protects my skin very well every time I use it (and I actually like to be out in the sun, rather than the shade!).
I also liked the fact that, because it's natural and filled with antioxidants, it was doing my skin a world of good too.

It's easy to apply and didn't leave me looking white, either. A must-have product!

Thank you Odylique!!

12 Sep 2016 by Jenna

This SPF is awful, the texture is extremely thick and heavy, in fact it is that thick it's so hard to squeeze out the tube. The smell is so lingers for ages. It takes a lot of effort to rub it in evenly and feels very greasy and doesn't sink in, just leaving this horrid film over your horrible it actually makes me gag and face so don't even think about applying make up over it, this also left my face with so many under the skin bumps at the end of the day after just one use. If you are oily then avoid this spf like the plague and even if you are really dry then I still would as I just don't think this product isn't pleasant for anyone to use.

16 Aug 2016 by Cheyenne