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Nature is Beautiful "Diana" Certified Organic Rejuvenating Scented Facial Oil 33ml
  • Nature is beautiful diana certified organic rejuvenating scented facial oil 33ml
  • Nature is beautiful diana certified organic rejuvenating scented facial oil 33ml

Nature is Beautiful "Diana" Certified Organic Rejuvenating Scented Facial Oil 33ml


Nature is Beautiful

Size: 33ml
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This Royal Organic Facial Oil – a Precious Unique Serum, is a luxurious blend of 100% Natural and 99.8% Organic Plant Oils and Extracts abundant in vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and antioxidants to nourish, moisturise, protect and make you feel rejuvenated, naturally. Certified Organic by the Soil Association UK. Organic Cold Pressed Rosehip, Argan, Evening Primrose and Jojoba oils will completely absorb into your skin, without leaving an oily residue, making your skin plumped and silky. They are known to reduce the appearance of fine lines and age spots helping you to feel revitalised. Our Rosehip, Evening Primrose and Argan oils are also considered Food Grade Oils as they are Virgin and have been cold pressed only once.

The delicate scent of Organic Royal Jasmine, Damask Rose, Vanilla Bean, Sweet Orange and Patchouli oils can contribute to positive emotional wellbeing and promote feelings of confidence, radiance and joy, helping you to feel uplifted and giving a pleasant warming loving feeling.

How to use Nature is Beautiful "Diana" Certified Organic Rejuvenating Scented Facial Oil 33ml

Apply two to three pumps onto the fingers and smooth over the face, neck and décolletage area. Gently massage in a circular motion from the inside outwards. Can be used as many times a day as needed to protect and nourish, more often during autumn and winter months to keep skin supple and moisturised. Can be used under a moisturiser or on its own as a very special skin treat.

Ingredients in Nature is Beautiful "Diana" Certified Organic Rejuvenating Scented Facial Oil 33ml

Oenothera biennis (Evening Primrose) oil*, Rosa canina (Rosehip) fruit oil*, Argania spinosa (Argan) kernel oil*, Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) seed oil*, Helianthus annuus (Sunflower) seed oil *, Vanilla planifolia (Vanilla) bean extract*, Jasminum grandiflorum (Royal Jasmine) flower extract*, Rosa damascena (Damask Rose) flower extract*, Citrus aurantium dulcis (Sweet Orange) peel oil*, Pogostemon cablin (Patchouli) oil*, aroma*, tocopherol, citronellol**, geraniol**, eugenol**, limonene**, citral**, linalool **. 100% Natural, 99.8% Certified Organic Ingredients (by Soil Association) * Certified Organic Ingredients (aroma* - term used when essential oils are present. Certified Organic Essential Oils) ** Naturally Occuring in Essential Oils Organic Evening Primrose Oil: This amazing oil contains fat soluble compounds such as Vitamin E and plant Sterols, contributing to temporary reduction of fine lines, wrinkle appearance and skin thickness and making the skin feel supple and soft. Evening Primrose Oil also contains Polyunsaturated Essential Fatty Acid Gamma Linolenic Acid. Organic Rosehip Oil: This fruity exotic oil contains significant amounts of Unsaturated Essential Fatty Acids: a-Linolenic (Omega 3) and Linolenic (Omega 6) known for their many beneficial properties. The vitamins E and Carotenoids contribute to the optimal health of skin cells, making skin look and feel vibrant, glowing and smooth. Oleic Acid (Omega 9 Monounsaturated Fatty Acid) is also a constituent of this wonderful fruity oil. Organic Argan Oil: Argan oil comes from the kernels of an Argan Tree grown in Morocco. It contains wonderful ingredients making skin feel supple, moisturised, smooth and vibrant. Coenzyme Q 10 vitamin in this Wonder Oil is one of its constituents. Squalene from the Argan oil is a natural lipid also produced by the skin cells, where it acts as a moisturiser. Argan Oil contains Unsaturated Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids and Omega 9 Oleic Fatty Acids, Carotenoids, Phytosterols, Melatonin, Vanillin, Epicatechin and Catechin (found in Green Tea). Research is suggesting potential therapeutic properties of Argan Oil in human health. Traditionally, Argan Oil has been used in the temporary reduction of the visual signs of skin aging and as moisturising and nourishing oil. Organic Jojoba Oil: Jojoba oil comes from the seeds of a Jojoba plant (commonly known as Coffeeberry) native to southern California, Arizona and Mexico. Jojoba esters have been likened to human sebum and have traditionally been used for their intense moisturising and soothing properties. Organic Vanilla Bean Extract: Vanilla extract comes from the Vanilla Pods of the beautiful climbing vine, grown in Central America, Mexico and Madagascar. Vanilla has traditionally been used in Oriental Perfumes and as a divine ingredient in the Food Industry. Traditionally, Aromatherapy has viewed Vanilla as a Fragrance supporting emotional healing. Vanilla Extract has been found to contain Vanillin, Polyphenols, Free Amino Acids and Resins. We use a potent CO2 boosted extract of the beans, which is superior and more delicate than the infused Vanilla Bean oil often used. Organic Sweet Orange Oil: Citrus aurantium dulcis is an evergreen tree native to China and cultivated round the Mediterranean (France, Spain and Italy). Essential oil comes from the ripe outer peel of the Sweet Orange Fruit. This delightful light, fruity, uplifting sweet scent has been shown to support optimal feeling of calmness and happiness. Traditionally, Aromatherapy has used Sweet Orange Oil to promote the positive feelings of Joy, Creativity, Positivity, Self-confidence and Sympathy. Organic Royal Jasmine Flower Extract: Known as the King of Essential Oils the Royal or Italian Jasmine is grown in the Mediterranean region and produces the most rich, warming, florally scented essential oil. This magnificent royal fragrance promotes the feelings of calmness that permeate through the whole body. Traditionally, Royal Jasmine Oil has been used to support the feelings of optimism, harmony, joy, sensitivity, confidence, euphoria and sensuality; and to support dry, irritated and sensitive skin. Organic Damask Rose Flower Extract: Rosa damascena is a small shrub with fragrant blossoms native to the Orient and cultivated in Bulgaria, France and Turkey (Anatolia). Rose essential oil is also called the Queen of Essential Oils and is known to promote the feelings of calmness, harmony, gentleness, peace and relaxation and may bring back pleasant holiday memories associated with the air infused with the luscious scent of flowering roses. Traditionally, Damask rose oil has been used to evoke the feelings of well-being, happiness and sensuality, and has been associated with Venus, the Goddess of Love and Beauty. We use a CO2 extract of Bulgarian Damask Rose – a superior extraction method to the usual distillation technique used producing a richer extract with delicious fragrance. CO2 extracts contain more components of the plant including waxes, colour pigments, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals; they are considered complete. Organic Patchouli Oil: Patchouli is a bushy herb with wonderful fragrant leaves and white purple tinged flowers. Native to tropical Indonesia and the Philippines, the sweet, rich, herbaceous oil is extracted from the leaves. The fragrant leafy scent has been described as Grounding and Soothing and promoted for the emotional Vigour and Restoration. Patchouli oil has been also traditionally applied to chapped and wrinkled skin.

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