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MOA Fortifying Green Bath Potion

MOA - Magic Organic Apothecary Fortifying Green Bath Potion 100ml


MOA - Magic Organic Apothecary

Size: 100ml
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De-stress the mind and relieve aches and pains with this concentrated, revitalising, magical bath potion. An invigorating herbal blend, sure to put the spring back in your step after a long, tiring day.

With skin toning, refreshing peppermint, detoxifying fennel, calming, relaxing fir needle and sweet birch to ease achy muscles and help to soften the skin.

How to use MOA - Magic Organic Apothecary Fortifying Green Bath Potion 100ml

Spell for feeling balanced: Pour 2-3 capfuls into a full bath. Once immersed in the water, breathe in and let the natural essential oils clear the mind and lift your mood...magic!

Ingredients in MOA - Magic Organic Apothecary Fortifying Green Bath Potion 100ml

Helianthus Annuus (sunflower) Seed Oil, Mentha Piperita (peppermint) Oil, Foeniculum Vulgare (fennel) Oil, Laureth-3, Simmondsia Chinensis (jojoba) Seed Oil, Achillea Millefolium (yarrow) Extract, Abies Sibirica (fir needle) Oil, Betula Lenta Bark (sweet birch) Oil, Tocopherol, CI 75810 (chlorophyll).

Reviews for MOA - Magic Organic Apothecary Fortifying Green Bath Potion 100ml

Average rating: based on 6 customer reviews

5 Green magic.

This product is sensational. The smell is heavenly and very rejuvenating. Yes it is expensive but when you only need a capful on your bath it really will last for many many months. I seem to constantly have blocked sinuses so this is perfect. Do not make the mistake of putting in more than two capfuls max, and even then you would need a big bath. Because otherwise you will not feel hot and cosy and relaxed, you will feel shivery. The instructions really do know best. I didn't like this the first time because I ignored the instructions and I felt freezing - now I have amazing baths because I put my bubbles in and just one cap full in a deep bath. Absolute bliss.

23 May 2019 by Kim

One of the best bath products for soothing aches and pains, and it's brilliant for clearing the sinuses if you have cold or flu! A little goes a long way as its very potent so a bottle lasts ages.

Reviewed on my blog here:

17 Apr 2018 by Evelyn
5 Truly magic

I adore this bath oil, and would say it is my favourite bath product overall. It smells divine, soothes aches and pains, and doesn't leave any residue on the tub or skin. You only need to use a single capful to get the full effects. Close your bathroom door and just breathe in the steam - you'll be feeling rejuvenated and refreshed in no time.

My full review of MOA can be found here:

06 Apr 2018 by Bryanna
4 Adore this product!

Received the bath potion in a beauty box and instantly fell in love with the fresh, natural scent and relaxing aromas - perfect for after a workout! Sadly I can't justify spending £27 on a bath oil, but I am hoping for another sample in the future!

03 Apr 2018 by Terri

Absolutely adorable product! Smells very fresh and in the same time calming. Very concentrated, you need just a tiny bit. Very happy regarding the product, fantastic bathing experience.

15 Jan 2018 by Giedre
3 Left me cold & tingly, but smells great

I really wanted to try this product as I have the balm (and love it) and I had heard so many positive things about this. But I was a little bit disappointed.

The smell is admittedly very nice. I would describe it as quite an uplifting smell, although I do prefer more relaxing aromas for baths. When I left the bath, even though I did shower lightly, I noticed my skin felt Very cold and tingly, no doubt from the peppermint. This almost ruined the experience for me.

If you like morning baths then I think this is great as it does revive and uplift and clear the head. However if you want a night time relaxing bath, im not sure this is the product.

20 Nov 2016 by AMG