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Madara Clarifying Floral Toner for Oily Skin

Madara Clarifying Floral Toner for Oily Skin 200ml



Size: 200ml
In stock

Purifies and refreshes, diminishes shine, minimises enlarged pores, prevent and clear blackheads.

Purifies and refreshes skin on the face and neck after cleansing with MADARA Cleanser. Treats blemishes, diminishes shine, and minimises enlarged pores. Contains natural Salicylic acid which helps to prevent outbreaks, gently exfoliates the skin and helps to reduce blackheads.

For wholesome skincare apply the MADARA Light Moisturiser or Moonflower Tinted Moisturiser afterwards.

Created with love using fragrant rosewater and extracts of oak bark, sage, sweet flag and cucumber, all harvested in the Baltic region.

How to use Madara Clarifying Floral Toner for Oily Skin 200ml

In morning and evening, after cleansing with Madara Purifying Foam Cleanser, dampen a piece of organic cotton wool with a small amount of toner and sweep over the face with gentle upward motions.

Ingredients in Madara Clarifying Floral Toner for Oily Skin 200ml

Aqua, Alcohol, Rosa Damascena (Rose) Flower, Water, Acorus Calamus (Sweet Flag) Root Extract, Betaine, Glycerin, Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract, Quercus Robur (Oak) Bark Extract, Salvia Officinalis (Salvia) Leaf Extract, Salicylic Acid

Reviews for Madara Clarifying Floral Toner for Oily Skin 200ml

Average rating: based on 7 customer reviews


Super facial toner for oily, combination, problem skin! It cleanses and moisturizes well. As part of the tonic is salicylic acid, which has beneficial effects on the skin. Helps to make skin cleaner. My regular purchase.

28 Aug 2018 by Yana
5 Love it!

I will definitely buy this again! Better than any others I have tried.

20 Jan 2016 by Molly
5 Love this product!

I love this toner! I use it after i cleaned my face or after showering and i feel like it clears my face and prevents my skin of getting too oily. It cleans the skin and makes you feel fresh. It smells a bit like alcohol but still is a very pleasant smell. This product is perfect for anyone who has oily skin as it removes the oil, cleans and closes the pores and prevents your skin from producing too much oil.

22 Feb 2015 by Michaela
5 eKomi Review

A must have as a part of a good toning routine. I switched over to it from Vichy & never looked back. I like it!

06 Jun 2014 by Yuliya
4 Really good!

I really like this toner, although it may be a little harsh for some skins, so I would really only go by the recommendation of LoveLula when it says for oily skin, it really wouldn't be suitable for any other skin type. I agree with one review where they say the product smells of alcohol. Although I quite like that, and you can actually smell the other ingredients too, so don't be too put off. It doesn't actually leave your skin feeling tight after using it, it feels really refreshing and clean. I wanted a toner that's going to really help with my oily t-zone and lovelula recommended this one, and I'm glad!

06 Jul 2013 by Becky
5 Madara Floral Toner for Oily Skin

Hi! Been using this product since the summer & I haven't experienced any adverse reaction to it. I'm loving it in fact! Just ordered two bottles which normally last me about a month and a half. Their light moisturising lotion is also very good. Not bad for a tenner I'd say! (:

06 Jul 2013 by Debbie
1 Not for me I'm afraid

I didn't get on with this. I didn't like the smell of alcohol in the product. Immediately after use my oily skin felt clean and fresh but after a few days my skin started to dry up and I started to get dry, flaky patches of skin (a good excuse to use Suki lemongrass cleanser though!) and because it was obviously drying my skin out too much I started to get oily patches through the day too. Oil slick skin with flakey patches is not a good look! I've started to use it every other day instead which seems to be better for me. It might be better suited to people with very oily skin or as an occassional use thing but it was too drying for me.

06 Jul 2013 by LoveLula Customer