Lyonsleaf Mane Tamer 55ml

Lyonsleaf Mane Tamer 55ml

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Lyonsleaf Mane Tamer can be used as both a deep conditioning treatment and hair wax to tame very dry hair, curls, dreadlocks or afro hair and dramatically improve split ends and damage.

Lyonsleaf Mane Tamer contains calendula-infused almond oil and apricot kernel oil, which is absorbed easily into the hair to moisturise deeply from within; shea butter to nourish and repair the hair; a very small percentage of beeswax to tame flyaways and help define curls; rosemary essential oil to stimulate follicle for stronger, longer hair; and geranium essential oil to balance sebum production to maintain the correct balance of natural oil in the hair.

Note for dreadlocks: This gentle wax will allow dreadlocks to move and knot naturally rather than gluing the whole dread in place, which can cause problems with build-up and cracking later on and can even slow the dreading process down. Dreads and scalp can still be washed.

• Deeply conditions and nourishes hair
• Repairs split ends and damage
• Tames and smoothes the hair
• Absorbs easily and moisturises deeply
• Defines curls
• Water-free
• 100% natural
• Not tested on animals

Suitable for:
• Very dry hair
• Split ends
• Frizzy hair
• Unruly curls
• Dreadlocks
• Afro hair

prunus amygdalus dulcis [sweet almond oil] • butyrospermum parkii [shea butter] • prunus americana [apricot kernel oil] • cera alba [beeswax] • tocopherol [natural vitamin E oil] • calendula officinalis • [calendula flower extract] • rosmarinus officinalis [rosemary essential oil] • pelargonium graveolens [geranium essential oil] note: the essential oils naturally contain: citral, citronellol, geraniol, limonene, linolool

As a hair wax: Use very sparingly; you can always apply more. Rub a small amount of Lyonsleaf Mane Tamer into your palms to soften, then work it through the hair as desired.

As a treatment for split ends or very dry hair: Use very sparingly; you can always apply more. Rub a small amount of Lyonsleaf Mane Tamer into your palms to soften, then apply to the ends of your hair (or through the lengths of your hair if it is very dry, avoiding the roots) while it is dry. Leave on for at least 10 minutes or as long as possible, wrapping hair in a warm towel if possible to deepen the conditioning action. Shampoo thoroughly and condition as normal afterwards. Applying your shampoo before wetting the hair will help remove the wax quickly and completely.

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