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Logona Oriental Deo Roll-on 50ml

Logona Oriental Deo Roll-on 50ml



Size: 50ml
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Seductive protection and natural care.

The formulation of the Oriental Deodorant Roll ons with precious plant oils and extracts such as organic sesame oil * and organic pomegranate seed extract * nourishes the skin, giving a long-lasting freshness and pampers the senses with a seductive oriental scent nuance.

Ingredients in Logona Oriental Deo Roll-on 50ml

Purified Water, Alcohol *, Glycerin, Citric acid esters, fatty alcohol, mixture of essential oils, sugar emulsifier, lactic acid ester, xanthan gum, sesame oil * oily pomegranate seed extract *, oily hop cone extract, fatty acid esters, lactic acid, essential oil constituents

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