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Kure Bazaar Nail Decals - Gold & White

Kure Bazaar Nail Decals - Gold & White


Kure Bazaar

Size: 16
In stock

Limited Edition for Christmas. Get creative with the Kure Bazaar nail decals in a luxury glittering gold and white design. Containing 2 strips of 8 adhesive nail stickers to fit with all nail sizes, complete with emery board and application wooden tool.

Use alone or combine with nude base colour or a vibrant colour. Wear on one or all nails for a very quick and easy way to create an instant look for statement nails.

Incredibly easy to use, simply stick and snap - no cutting required.

How to use Kure Bazaar Nail Decals - Gold & White

To use simply select the sticker size for your feature nail. Remove the clear film, then apply to the nail using the tool if needed, pushing the entire sticker into place on the nail plate before removing the outer layer of clear film design. Finally hold any excess sticker and simply snap down over the nail edge to remove. Use the emery board provided to file any excess sticker for a clear edge. To finish, apply Final Touch or Dry Finish topcoat to seal the sticker down. Remove with nail polish remover.

Ingredients in Kure Bazaar Nail Decals - Gold & White


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