Kure Bazaar 3-Way Nail Buffer Block

Kure Bazaar 3-Way Nail Buffer Block

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Kure Bazaar 3 Way Buffer Block is a combination file and buffer, that is designed to:

- shape and smooth nails
- remove ridges, imperfections and discolourations
- prevent the nails from splitting and tearing
- gives nails a beautiful, natural shiny finish

Ideal for creating a smooth base for longer lasting nail polish. Or use alone to make your nails look naturally fresh and shiny without the need for nail polish.


Step 1: Use the black coarse side to shape nails. Always file from the edge of the nail to the centre, using long smooth strokes.

Step 2: Use the green soft side to smooth ridges on the surface of the nail.

Step 3: Use the white side to create and maintain a finer, high gloss finish. Repeat every few days to maintain a natural shine.

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