Kiss the Moon GLOW & DREAM Essential Oil Soap Duo 100g x 2

Kiss the Moon GLOW & DREAM Essential Oil Soap Duo 100g x 2

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ESSENTIAL OIL SOAP DUO with GLOW & DREAMAromatherapy oil soaps - handmade the old-fashioned way to gently cleanse and scent the skinNatural moisturising soap, using nourishing coconut and restoring Orange & Geranium aromatherapy oils. Gently cleanse skin leaving it feeling soft and beautifully scentedEach soap is made by hand using traditional methods, with no artificial perfumes or preservatives. They come beautifully wrapped in compostable glassine paper helping you avoid unwanted plastic bottles and pumps100g GLOW Pure Essential Oil Soap ribboned100g DREAM Pure Essential Oil Soap ribbonedGOLD: Best Soap - Beauty Bible 2020EDITOR'S CHOICE: Beauty Shortlist 2020FINALIST: Best Artisan Soap - Beauty Shortlist 2020

Simply massage in to wet hands and inhale the relaxing essential oils
Avoid contact with eyes. As with all aromatherapy products, best to check with your midwife before using during pregnancy

Warm citrus Orange notes mingled with gentle floral Geranium, an uplifting fragrance that brightens the mood
Relaxing Lavender blended with a fresh twist of Bergamot, a gentle aroma that clears the mind and helps you unwind

BEAUTIFUL SKIN: Natural moisturising soap, handmade in England using nourishing coconut and aromatherapy oils. Gently cleanses, leaving skin feeling soft and beautifully scented

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