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khadi Hair Colour - Pure Henna - 100g

khadi Hair Colour - Pure Henna - 100g



Size: 100g
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Herbal hair colours form a layer on the hair cortex over existing pigments. The original colour is not lifted or lightened and cuticles are not damaged, the results reflect translucent plant pigments layered on original colour. Herbal hair colours are permanent.

TIPS: • Colours can be mixed. • Add Cassia to the mix for lighter tones. • Longer development time gives deeper shades. • Repeated application will darken hair tone. • Shade may continue to oxidise for 48 hours.

Pure Henna - • Contains no additional ingredients. • Colours light hair orange to red. • Colours dark hair mahogany. • Can be mixed with colour shades containing Indigo. • Can be used during the two step colouring process.

How to use khadi Hair Colour - Pure Henna - 100g

ALWAYS do an allergy patch test before use. • Put in a bowl with warm water. • Mix for 3 minutes. • Apply generously to hair and cover with cap. • Leave for one hour (or time determined by strand test). • Rinse with plain water. • Shampoo after 48 hours. Always do a 1hr strand test on hair before use.

Ingredients in khadi Hair Colour - Pure Henna - 100g

Lawsonia Inermis

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