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JOIK Sensuelle soy wax scented candle 145g

JOIK Sensuelle soy wax scented candle 145g



Size: 145g
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Truly sensual scent experience to make your day more beautiful. Peachy colored candle with scent of creamy coconut milk, figs, velvety musk and a hint of cedar.

Candle is hand poured. Approximate burn time ca. 30 hours in glass tumbler.

Soy wax is a natural candle wax, from renewable natural resource – soybeans. It is also completely biodegradable. Soy wax burns cleaner than paraffin candles and last up to 50% longer than a comparable paraffin candle.

We use very high quality cosmetic grade fragrance oils in our candles that are true to their name and give out a pleasant aroma while burning.

How to use JOIK Sensuelle soy wax scented candle 145g

Burn the candle until full melt pool covers the candle. Blowing out a candle can produce smoke - instead dip the wick into melted wax, straighten and re-center for your next burning. It is suggested to trim the wick before next burning (ca 0,5 cm). Recommended not to burn a candle more than 3-4 hours at time. Always burn candle on a heat proof surface away from objects that can catch fire. Keep a burning candle out of children and pets. Do not burn a candle in a draught. Never leave a burning candle unattended.

Ingredients in JOIK Sensuelle soy wax scented candle 145g

Soy wax, quality cosmetic grade fragrance oils, cotton wick

Reviews for JOIK Sensuelle soy wax scented candle 145g

Average rating: based on 1 customer review

1 No scent when burning very disappointing

Very disappointed with this one, as I have had other JOIK candles that were lovely. No smell whilst lit. Very faint scent whilst unlit if you put your nose right up to the wax, but that's it.