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Jane Scrivner Rose Gold Ultimate Facial Serum 30ml
  • Jane scrivner rose gold ultimate facial serum 30ml
  • Jane scrivner rose gold ultimate facial serum 30ml
  • Jane scrivner rose gold ultimate facial serum 30ml

Jane Scrivner Rose Gold Ultimate Facial Serum 30ml


Jane Scrivner

Size: 30ml/1.01fl.oz
In stock

Jane Scrivner ROSE GOLD Pro collagen pro elastin, hydrating, balancing, luxury facial oil for smoothed and youthful skin. Immediate skin hydration and improved skin nourishment. Excellent for reducing thread veins and signs of ageing. Fabulous for enhancing mood.

This is the ultimate in skin oils and was formulated because I had the two most beautiful, skin nourishing ingredients available so could not resist the gorgeous combination! 100% Organic Jojoba oil with 100% organic Bulgarian Rose Otto essential oils – a match made in nutritional skin heaven.

Jojoba works hard to feed, accelerate and support the collagen and elastin production process (our skins scaffolding), it moisturises, nourishes, and balances all skin types – suitable for oily skin too AND has one of the worlds most beautiful (and valuable) essential oils of Rose Otto – that works on both skin and emotion. A beautifully hard working combination.

This is a real skin treat. An extremely feminine oil, especially good for sensitive or experienced skin. With both tonic and astringent effect, this oil works to soothe, moisturise and reduce redness caused by enlarged capillaries (thread veins) A very uplifting combination so can also be used as a perfume and also a mood enhancer.

• For all ages. • This Ultimate Facial Serum works with all skin types and conditions – including oily skin. • Particularly good for mature/experienced skin 40+ due to the collagen and elastin promoting ingredients, (our skins scaffolding, which deteriorates with age) • Mothers Day gifting and Valentines

KEY THINGS TO KNOW • 100% Organic Jojoba Oil, blended with rare and beautiful Bulgarian Rose Otto. • Easily absorbed, very little required for each application. • Balances dry skin, oily skin, dehydrated skin, in fact any kind of skin. • Collagen and elastin accelerating. • Ant-ageing • Suitable for All Skin Types – jojoba is a wax ester, not a true oil, so will work on both oily skin and dry skin – closest to the skins natural sebum production. • With such high levels of premium, organic Jojoba oil, this serum hydrates and balances all skin types. • Helps to accelerate production of lost collagen and elastin – 2 of the skins plumpers and firmers. • Bulgarian Rose Otto works on thread veins to reduce the appearance. This skin attar is a partnership made in beauty heaven. • Bulgarian Rose Otto is one of the worlds most beautiful and rare oils – taking over a ton of petals to make just a few mls of essential oil. • VERY FEW products that have a rose fragrance actually contain rose essential oil, this one DOES!

How to use Jane Scrivner Rose Gold Ultimate Facial Serum 30ml

HOW TO USE Can be used as a daily moisturiser/occasional moisturiser or as a night oil - or can be kept as a skin care treat. Apply a single pump to pads of fingers, warm and press gently and sparingly to your face, neck and decollete. Massage in every last drop, you should not look oily, you should just have a luminescence to your skin. After application, gently cup your hands together, hold over your nose and inhale the beautiful essence slowly and deeply. Rub any remaining oil into body – DO NOT wipe away on a towel or mitt, it is too precious to waste. USAGE A little goes a long way and if using daily, should last 2 to 3 months, if using as a treat, could last for ages! NATURAL STATUS 100% Certified Organic (Beautiful and rare) ingredients

Ingredients in Jane Scrivner Rose Gold Ultimate Facial Serum 30ml

100% raw, organic jojoba oil (Simmondsia Chinensis) with organic Bulgarian Rose Otto Essentail oil.

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