Jane Scrivner Intense Oil Anti-ageing Facial Oil 30ml

Jane Scrivner Intense Oil Anti-ageing Facial Oil 30ml

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Jane Scrivner INTENSE OIL.
Anti-ageing, reparative, regenerative and restorative facial oil for renewed skin, smooth texture, uniform complexion, tone and colour. Wrinkles appear reduced. Excellent oil for skin burns, skin damage, photo damage and skin pigmentation.

INTENSE OIL is my "go to" anti-ageing & transforming facial oil. It is great for those, "I need to look fab tomorrow" times, apply at night and see how your skin awakes, smoother and fully nourished. It literally seems to transform skin overnight. I also recommend this for fine lines and wrinkles, those saying their skin is looking older and anyone that mentions anti-ageing.

INTENSE OIL is like having a little beauty bullet of Vitamin C – one of the key skin vitamins. Rose Hip restores and repairs damaged skin tissue, helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and restores firmness. In a 2 year study, Rose Hip oil has shown to produce effective regenerative action on the skin, continuous application of the oil effectively helped in the reduction of scars and wrinkles, in preventing the advancement of premature ageing and in regaining lost natural skin colour and tone. Most significant results were recorded in photo aged skin – skin damaged by excess exposure to sunlight, changes were noted in the third week of use, wrinkles started to disappear, by the end of the fourth month the disappearance was almost complete. Skin presented a smooth, fresh aspect, University of Santiago, Chile.

INTENSE OIL is for more experienced skin, a treatment oil for fine lines and wrinkles, anyone over 30 would benefit from early use and those 40+ a definite recommendation as a night oil. It can also be used by anyone experiencing unusual pigmentation, scars and sun damage due to its fabulous reparative qualities. Any skin burns would also benefit greatly from immediate application of this pure oil.

• The high, natural Vitamin C content makes it fabulous for all skin regeneration and repair conditions.
• Anti-ageing, fine lines & wrinkles, skin nutrition, skin repair.
• No added essential oils, great for post sun bathing to repair photo damage to skin.
• No added essential oils allows this reparative oil to be applied direct to skin burns to speed up the healing process.
• It has a natural, earthy aroma, some describe as burnt sugar, others of earth/soil but this disappears on application.

Critical Extract Rosa Mosqueta (Rose Hip) seed and fruit Oil

Apply every day, use at night or in the morning. Each pump delivers a daily dosage. Warm between pads of fingers and massage into areas needing treatment.

This rich reparative oil will stain if not massaged in or over applied. Allow to absorb before dressing.

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