Jane Scrivner Affirmative Firming Toning Facial Oil 30ml

Jane Scrivner Affirmative Firming Toning Facial Oil 30ml

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Super food to fortify and nourish skin. Formulated with core oils key to maintaining and promoting the skins cellular structure and elasticity. Immediate skin ‘spring back’ with hydration and firmness. Improvement of tightening and skin texture over time.A deeply absorbing blend of organic Apricot, Jojoba, Pomegranate, Moringa, Raspberry, Acai and Sea Buckthorn emollient core oils with cytophylactic, organic Red Mandarin, Italian Lemon and Neroli Premium essential oils. Formulated to promote the growth of skin cells and tissue, mobilise and increase collagen production and enhance skin elasticity.

Nutrient rich and beautifully light, AFFIRMATIVE is your firming, toning and regenerating facial oil. It truly is ‘super food for skin’• For all ages. • This Firming, Toning Facial Oil works with all skin types. • Particularly good for mature/experienced skin 40+ due to the NMF content and featuring oils key to maintaining the skins cellular structure and elasticity. . Collagen and elastin promoting ingredients.


• Firming & Toning. • Hydrating• High in NMF’s (Natural Moisturising Factors)• Protective• Super food for skin.• With such high levels of premium, organic Apricot Kernel and Jojoba oil, this oil improves elasticity, hydrates and tones all skin types. • Helps to accelerate production of lost collagen and elastin – 2 of the skins ‘plumper’s and firmers’. • Maintains and supports the skins structure and cellular matrix.• Cicatrisant – regenerative and healing for damaged, ageing cells.• Rich in anti-oxidants, Omega’s and Vitamins

Prunus armeniaca (org) apricot kernel, simmondsia chinensis (org) jojoba, moringa oleifera seed, rubus idaeus (red raspberry seed oil), Euterpe oleracea (acai) fruit oil, punica granatum (pomegranate) fruit oil, hippophae rhamnoiedes (seabuckthorn) oil, citrus reticulata rosso (org), citrus limonium (org), citrus bergamia** (org), lavandula officinalis, citrus aurantium (neroli), rosmarinus officinalis. *linalool,*limonene, *citral, *geraniol, *citronellol, *hydroxycitronellal. *Naturally occurring in essential oils **Bergaptene free

How to Use
Use daily, apply a single pump to the pads of your fingers, allow to warm a little and press into skin. Apply more if needed. Lightly buff in any remaining oil for total absorption. Use daily, use sparingly.

For best results, follow with ‘OO’ OVER OIL CREAM for total skincare ‘layering’

30ml would normally last 2 to 3 months with daily application.

83% Certified Organic Ingredients, remaining 17% is 100% natural core oils & essential oils.

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