Inner Me Beautify Me Vitamin Complex

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Inner Me Beautify Me Vitamin Complex
Product Inner Me Beautify Me Vitamin Complex
Brand Inner Me
Size 28 ampules
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2 week supply ( 28 capsules)

Recommended for ultimate beauty supplement for your skin, hair and nails.

To help your skin regain its natural tone and suppleness and to encourage healthy follicles and strong nails Beautify Me contains MSM, Silica, & Marine Collagen. Also find Vitamin C, which protects against the effects of free radicals, which damage collagen and elastin causing ageing and wrinkling. Together they are the first natural steps to healthy skin, hair and nails.

Nikki Cooper, founder of Inner Me’s top 5 Beauty Tips Radiant skin and glossy hair are what every girl wants toachieve to be that natural beauty. As natural beauty begins within it isessential to nourish our skin and look after our roots by feeding them withfortifying nutrients.

When I started taking fish oils complemented by other vitaminsand minerals to increase my wellbeing not only did I feel better but also thatI looked better - dewy skin and thick glossy locks being amongst the most obviousbenefits, this is what inspired me to research the optimal supplements thatcould offer women a complete wellbeing package - health, beauty and vitality.

Here are a few of my beauty tips that I have learnt alongthe way to achieve that inner glow:

1. Start your day with a lemon… squeeze it, mix it withwater and drink twice in the morning for sumptuous skin and other medicinal anddigestive benefits.

2. Take MSM the beauty mineral daily… it is a nutritionalform of sulphur, which is an essential component in the formation of collagen,elastin, cartilage and keratin, perfect for giving mineralised hair. Take this togetherwith silica, which proactively repairs tissue, bone, hair and skin to a more youthfulstate.

3. Feed your skin with Vitamin C and reduce the damagecaused by free radicals, which gobble up collagen and elastin causing wrinklingand ageing.

4. Take a good quality Omega 3 daily to reduce skin drynessand inflammation. We love Terra Nova Omega 3-6-7-9 Oil Blend (250ml).

5. Swap your builders tea for Green Tea… Sipfour cups a day and benefit from a boost of antioxidants, the number oneanti-ageing tool.
Two vegi capsules to be taken daily with or after a meal. Remember to swallow with water or a cold drink and not to chew.
Silica, MSM, Vitamin C, Marine Chondroitin 90%, Marine Collagen, HPMC clear vegetarian capsule

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The only thing that has Cured my acne....i am amazed.

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