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Ingenious Beauty Ultimate Collagen+ 120 capsules
  • Ingenious beauty ultimate collagen 120 capsules
  • Ingenious beauty ultimate collagen 120 capsules

Ingenious Beauty Ultimate Collagen+ 120 capsules


Ingenious Beauty

Size: 120 capsules
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Ingenious Beauty Ultimate Collagen+ is a highly advanced formula which counteracts the signs of ageing caused by reducing levels of natural collagen and hyaluronic acid, as well as UV damage.

Scientific studies have proven that Ultimate Collagen+, with its triple actives and unprecedented absorption levels, achieves dramatically superior results.

Unlike other collagen products Ultimate Collagen+ contains absolutely none of the additives regularly used to speed up the manufacturing process. Whilst this increases the production costs it guarantees a 100% pure and far more effective formula.

With Ingenious Beauty's all natural capsules and the finest marine collagen peptide, sourced for its small molecular weight, Ultimate Collagen+ reaches exactly where it is required in the body to achieve unprecedented levels of absorption.

Other liquids, tablets, and capsules are broken down in the stomach or pass through the body, reducing levels of effective absorption. Ingenious Beauty's advanced approach is proven to achieve dramatically superior results.

Take one to three Ingenious Beauty Ultimate Collagen+ capsules before bed for: Smoother and firmer skin; Stronger nails; Thicker hair; Improvement in your body's overall vitality.

The emptier your stomach, when taking the capsules, the better the results.

Clinical tests show a reduction in fine lines within 10 to 20 days.

Dietary recommendation: Ultimate Collagen+ is suitable for pescetarians but is not vegetarian or vegan, the marine collagen peptide used is from Aquaculture Sustainability Certified fish.

How to use Ingenious Beauty Ultimate Collagen+ 120 capsules

Recommended supplementation is 1 to 3 capsules to be taken before bed. It is also best not to eat 1½ hours prior to taking the capsules; the emptier the stomach the better although this is not essential. In the first 45-90 minutes the body goes into alpha sleep mode, this is the perfect state during which the body can use the unique formulation to its optimum level (the rejuvenation mode).

Ingredients in Ingenious Beauty Ultimate Collagen+ 120 capsules

Marine Collagen Peptide, Natural Astaxanthin, Sodium Hyaluronic Acid, Capsule: Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose

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