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Gwdihw Cherry Smoochy Lips 25g

Gwdihw Cherry Smoochy Lips 25g



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Apply little and often for luscious lips with a hint of summer cherries.

Ingredients in Gwdihw Cherry Smoochy Lips 25g

Coconut oil, Olive Oil, Beeswax, Calendula, Natural Cherry.

Reviews for Gwdihw Cherry Smoochy Lips 25g

Average rating: based on 3 customer reviews

5 Miss

I got this in my beautybox and love it! It keeps my lips so soft and smells Devine and so nice to know what I'm putting onto my lips is natural

5 Love this balm!!!!!!

First reaction - cute packaging...lid opened- WOW that is an amazing scent!!!!

This product is brilliant! Upon first trying it, I noticed that it is a much thinner balm to those you buy in the store, which have lots of chemicals in them. This feels lighter and leaves my lips very happy and moisturised. The scent is lovely, and even my husband commented on the scent this morning.

The balm does last for a long time. I have found that is still hanging in there, moisturising my lips to happiness, a good hour after application. I also don't feel bad for applying over and over, since it is made from all natural ingredients - Coconut oil, Olive oil, beeswax, calendula and natural cherry flavour. This is my favourite product of this month's box. Even better, its natural, the herbs used are grown locally and the company is based in the UK (Conwy, Wales).

Longterm- I will definitely be purchasing this product with my 20% code, I've liked the brand on FB and will likely purchase more in the future. I think it's a great purchase and thoroughly enjoy using the product. It's only £4.49, you can't lose!

Pros: Local herbs, natural product. Long-lasting moisturiser. Great scent!

Cons: The scent does wear off quickly, but most balms do. I also don't really prefer the container, as i don't like applying balm with my finger. I prefer to apply straight to lip, but this is minor.

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4 Yummy goodness

this is a cute little tin of goodness, if you love cherry and want yummy lips then this is a must!