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Forrest & Love SETR Refill Pack
  • Forrest love setr refill pack
  • Forrest love setr refill pack

Forrest & Love SETR Refill Pack


Forrest & Love

Size: 4ml
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The Aroma blend of SETR Oil Refills can soothe and relax a tired mind instantly.

Clary Sage, known as one of the most soothing and balancing oils, promotes feelings of relaxation, especially during times of stress. It fights insomnia and helps treat symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety and emotional tension.

Cedarwood is comforting and reassuring. It possesses a sweet, woody-balsamic, slightly camphorous scent that helps focus the mind and relieve anxiety, nervous tension, and stress. It is uplifting, strengthening, comforting, and grounding, and it helps to create balance.

How to use Forrest & Love SETR Refill Pack

Simply take out the outer cushion cover. Allow the drops of oil refill to fall on the inner cushion fabric. You can either use the entire refill content or only few drops as per your required aroma intensity. Knead gently before putting back the outer cushion cover.

Ingredients in Forrest & Love SETR Refill Pack

Essential Oils: Salvia Sclarea (Clary sage), Cedrus Deodara (Indian Cedarwood), diluted in Augeo Clean Multi (natural solvant) for long-lasting aroma diffusion.

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