Fair Squared Period Cup (size L)
Fair Squared Period Cup (size L)

Fair Squared Period Cup (size L)

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The new FAIR SQUARED Period Cup is a soft menstrual cup. Unlike menstrual cups made from silicone or plastic the FAIR SQUARED Period Cup is an environmentally friendly sanitary hygiene product made from 100% FSC® certified fair trade natural latex from Sri Lanka. Like most period cups it is not designed to absorb menstrual blood, it is designed to collect it, and it can be used throughout the menstrual cycle no matter whether the menstrual flow is light or heavy. Using a period cup can give you longer protection than pads or tampons because the cup can retain more than three times the amount of menstrual blood than a regular tampon. The FAIR SQUARED Period Cup is reusable and can easily be cleaned with water and once you know how to correctly insert it you won‘t even feel it! Natural rubber (latex) used in the FAIR SQUARED Period Cup is a renewable raw material with great material properties, from which condoms, balloons, pacifiers and gloves are made. The Period Cup is made from fair trade natural rubber from the Horana plantation in Sri Lanka. Fair Squared is a member of the Fair Rubber Association, which means that we pay a Fair Trade premium to help improve the living and working conditions of the plantation workers and their families.

Size M - generally suitable for women under 30 and have not given birth vaginally
Size L - generally suitable for women over 30 or have given birth vaginally

100% FSC certified natural latex

Use as needed.

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