Emani Duo Precision Foundation Brush

Emani Duo Precision Foundation Brush

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Conscious living never became so easy with Emani products. Embrace the vegan lifestyle or simply seek the ultimate in precision makeup application. Vegan Brush Options offer animal FREE tools for your entire make up needs. 100% Vegan Fiber brush tips are Soft-Beveled to create unparalleled precision. Each brush head is engineered to deliver optimal application results. Easy to clean and fast drying for your convenience.• 100% Vegan Fiber brush tips• Soft-beveled to create unparalleled precision.• Easy to clean and fast drying.• Flat brush end designed for blending liquid and cream foundations.• Powder brush end buffs on powder foundation and finishing powder for an airbrushed look.ABOUT EMANI:Emani Vegan Cosmetics is uniquely formulated with the most discriminating skin types in mind. Exclusively designed and specifically formulated to benefit sensitive, acne-prone, and aging skin, each of our products enhances the appearance and well-being of problematic skin. Emani uses only all-natural ingredients to create natural beauty. Emani Vegan Cosmetics combine natural minerals with certified-organic botanicals, oils, and waxes to create quality makeup that enhances your dermatologic health.

Vegan synthetic fibre bristles

Flat brush end picks up powder and buffs skin to a flawless HD finish.
Fan brush end is perfect for applying contour or bronzer to create chiseling cheekbones and jawlines.
Dense yet soft bristles are perfect for powder foundation and setting powder.

Swirl brush into foundation (if applying a crushed product, use lid as a blending dish). Dab foundation onto center of face then work outwards. Apply in a circular motion and blend evenly.

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