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Egyptian Magic Cream

Egyptian Magic Cream 4oz


Egyptian Magic

Size: 4oz, 118ml
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For soothing dry skin, massage balm, lip conditioning, for reducing scars and wrinkles, eczema, stretch marks and insect bites.

Egyptian Magic Cream has developed a cult status over the years with a host of celebrity fans, including Kate Hudson and Madonna, who reportedly keep this multi purpose healing balm on hand for skin care emergencies.

Egyptian Magic Cream can be used for all over nourishing & protecting it soothes and repairs chapped or rough skin on elbows, knees, hands and feet. Heavy-duty damage control for long-haul flights. Promotes healthy nails by softening and protecting cuticles. A perfect massage balm can be warmed between palms it glides over the skin's surface, easing bumps and bruises. Also for lip conditioning it smoothes and softens.

A Multi-purpose moisturising with botanical super-emollients to replenish skin's moisture levels, post shave, apres sun or whenever you face the elements. Looking after baby: Replace mineral oil and petroleum based baby products with Egyptian Magic Cream

Prevents stretch marks. Reducing scars and blemishes. Healing sore or eczema prone skin. As a hair pomade for lustrous sheen. Moisturiser and anti aging skin treatment.

How to use Egyptian Magic Cream 4oz

Warm a small amount of Egyptian Magic Cream in palm of hand or fingertips before using. Melts on contact with skin and absorbs rapidly for a smooth, soft finish. Use anywhere on face or body.

Ingredients in Egyptian Magic Cream 4oz

olive oil, beeswax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, bee propolis

Reviews for Egyptian Magic Cream 4oz

Average rating: based on 9 customer reviews

5 amazing product!

This is really an amazing product. it is the only thing that has been able to clear my facial dermatitis and generally dehydrated skin. I have spent a lot of money on brands like *** but this is the only thing that really worked for my problems. I use it also on my body as a moisturiser on damp skin after a shower, it's great as a lip balm and it has even helped with my psoriasis of the scalp. And a little goes a very long way....


magic or not. this is super moisturising! i usually put it on straight after a bath, my skin absorbs it really well and i can see a clear difference in my dry legs.

4 eKomi Review

I use this product everywhere on my body. Love it

5 eKomi Review

This product has cleared up my eczema and my skin. My whole family use it now they use it under there mostrise hand gloves and socks for super soft hands and feets.

4 eKomi Review

overall very nice cream, a little bit oily though

5 eKomi Review

Whole family, husband and 8 and 6 year children use as face and body moisturiser. Excellent. But expensive as a family daily moisturiser. Have recommended to my sister for eczema on her hands. She has not taken this up yet.

5 eKomi Review


4 Does the job

I wouldn't say it's "magic" per se, but it's definitely good for my skin. I use it when I'm travelling or feeling lazy and don't want to do my oil cleanse. Also it's great for my dry elbows!

5 eKomi Review

I really like it. I use it at night as a night cream and the next morning I feel my skin very moisturise. Although some people would not like it because it feels really oily in the skin. Not my case tough.

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