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Ecotools Eye Enhancing Duo Brush Set

EcoTools Eye Enhancing Duo Brush Set



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This double sided set has four brush heads condensed onto two handles, freeing up space in your makeup bag and making new eye looks a breeze!

Shade & Define Brush: Apply shadow all over the lid with the shading brush then flip it over and use the defining brush to add depth to the eyes.

Blend & Smudge Brush: Blend shadow to eliminate harsh lines with the blending brush, and use the smudge brush to create soft definition along the lash line.

The brushes come in a reusable eco pouch, made from natural materials and EVA.

Ingredients in EcoTools Eye Enhancing Duo Brush Set

Brushes are made from soft, cruelty free bristles, recycled aluminum, ferrules and sleek bamboo handles.

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