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Dr. Hauschka Sleep Life Gift Set

Dr. Hauschka Sleep Life Gift Set


Dr. Hauschka

In stock

Night Serum Gift Set with FREE Facial Toner and Hydrating Hand Cream

Treat your loved ones or even yourself to something personal and meaningful. Give the gift of healthy and radiant skin with Dr. Hauschka's Sleep Life set worth £54 (save £15).

This luxurious gift set contains:

New Night Serum (full size 25ml) Complimentary Facial Toner (30ml) Complimentary Hydrating Hand Cream (30ml)

Let the day slip away pampering yourself before bedtime. Dr. Hauschka's night care is specifically designed to let your skin breathe freely, supporting the natural renewing processes for a radiant, fresh complexion by morning.

Suitable for all skin conditions.

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