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Dr Bronner's Tea Tree Liquid Soap 237ml

Dr Bronner's Tea Tree Liquid Soap 237ml


Dr. Bronner's

Size: 236ml
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Perfect as a facial wash for problem skin or cleansing minor cuts and scrapes due to tea tree's exceptional anti bacterial properties. Made with certified organic oils. Dr Bronner's cult classic liquid soap is a must have in every bathroom. Can help dandruff if used as a shampoo once a week

Dr Bronner has been producing liquid castile soaps since the 40s. His ecological message and the purity of the soaps struck a cord with the counter-culture of the 60s and 70s turning him into an icon. The company lives on today, nearly 10 years after his death and is still producing this fabulously simple yet effective classic. Enjoy! Suitable for vegans

For all major ingredients Dr Bronners are going Fair Trade. Dr Bronner's Liquid Soap is 82% organic.

How to use Dr Bronner's Tea Tree Liquid Soap 237ml

Dr Bronner's Liquid soaps are multi purpose. Use as a liquid hand wash, face wash, body wash or shower gel. For everyday body washing: Get wet and pour several drops of soap onto hands / face cloth / loofah. Lather up, scrub down, rinse off and tingle fresh and clean.

Ingredients in Dr Bronner's Tea Tree Liquid Soap 237ml

Water, Saponified Organic Coconut & Olive oils (w/ retained Glycerin), Organic Hemp Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Tea Tree Oil, Citric Acid, Vitamin E

Reviews for Dr Bronner's Tea Tree Liquid Soap 237ml

Average rating: based on 4 customer reviews

5 wow

Been using this product for about a month if that, the results are fantastic. At last in my 30`s and my skin is the clearest its ever been of the dreaded hormonal acne, that horrible acne that flares up and you spend the month trying to fight it before it starts all over again. Gone are those days thanks to this wash. After all the money I spent on different products over the years this cost me very little its so very effective and lasts ages. Amazing!

5 Excellent stuff!

I use this as a shower gel on my back and 2 or 3 times a weeks as a face wash. I have always suffered from breakouts on my back (especially after the gym and long distance travel). I have spent a lot on different products, supplements and presscriptions for antibiotics and lotions from the doctor and nothing has worked as well as this tea tree soap! I bought it as I needed a biodigradable soap for a trip I was going on and now I will never buy anything else to wash my back with. I havn't had a spot in the 4 months I have been using except when i was a bit lax for a week or so and they came back-proof that it works for me! I use it with a body brush and my skin has never bben so clean. Just be careful on non- oily ares as it does dry skin out a little and don't get it anywhere intimate!

5 just perfect!

It is the best liquid soap i've ever bought. It is perfect for my oily skin, it doesn't irritate it, it really clears the skin and let it smooth and calm.My spots and open sours have almost disappeared. It also lasts forever since a few drops are enough (i only use it as a face cleanser)

5 Cheap but really effective product

I have been using this for a year and have seen a real difference in the condition of my skin. My breakouts of acne have reduced, and because it is so gentle there is no irritation to my sensitive skin. It's a very good price and a bottle usually lasts 3-4 months as you only need a small amount. I find that putting a small amount in your hand, working into a lather and applying directly to your face before you rinse off is better than dilluting in water and using as a rinse. I definately will stick to using this product!!