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Dr Alkaitis Purifying Organic Cleanser 100ml
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Dr Alkaitis Purifying Organic Cleanser
  • Dr alkaitis purifying organic cleanser 120ml
  • Dr alkaitis purifying organic cleanser 120ml

Dr Alkaitis Purifying Organic Cleanser 100ml


Dr Alkaitis

Size 100ml
Price £43.50
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For cleansing the skin gently, deeply and thoroughly.

Dr Alkaitis' Organic Purifying Facial Cleanser cleans the skin gently, deeply and thoroughly; removing dead skin cells whilst leaving skin refreshed softened and moisturised. Key ingredients include Dr Alkaitis' Organic Castile Cleaning Base compounded from cold pressed organic olive, organic shea, organic jojoba, organic coconut. With Organic Herbal Skin Repair Complex, Citrus seed extract, natural vitamin A complex, natural vitamin C complex and 100% pure essential oils.

100% active ingredients. 100% natural.

Use within 12 months of opening. Store in a cool, dry place out of direct heat and sunlight. Dr Alkaitis organic skincare products rigorously exclude all chemicals, synthetics, genetically modified organisms and their derivatives.

How to use Dr Alkaitis Purifying Organic Cleanser 100ml

Use lukewarm water to moisten face. Mix a small amount (1 or 2 pumps) of cleanser with water and massage gently into skin avoiding the eye area. Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry.

Ingredients in Dr Alkaitis Purifying Organic Cleanser 100ml

Into Dr. Alkaitis’ Organic Castile Cleansing Base (compounded from virgin, cold pressed organic Olive*, organic Coconut*, organic Shea*, organic Jojoba*, organic Sesame*, organic Castor* and organic Borage* oils) the following ingredients are added: Aloe Vera Gel*, Vegetable Glycerin, Organic Herbal Skin Repair Complex (made up of Chamomile*, Black Elder*, Greater Nettle*, Myrrh¹, Bitter Orange*, Rosemary*, Marsh Mallow*, Benzoin¹, Marigold*, True Lavender*, Sea Wrack¹, Icelandic Seaweed* and Plantain*). Citrus seed extract, natural Vitamin A complex (from Carrot* and Aztec Marigold*), natural Vitamin C complex (from Camu Camu¹ and Acerola Cherry*), natural Vitamin E complex (D-alpha, beta, gamma, delta tocopherols and tocotrienols from Sunflower and Palm oils) and Aroma (a blend of 100% pure Essential Oils).* - Signifies certified organically grown.¹ - Signifies ethically wild-crafted.+ - The soap base is cured for 6 months to make it super soft

Reviews for Dr Alkaitis Purifying Organic Cleanser 100ml

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5 eKomi Review
Submitted on

My favourite cleanser in the whole world. Great for my combination skin, maybe a bit drying for dry skin though. Will never use anything else. 100% organic and wild crafted - love this brand!

5 eKomi Review
Submitted on

top product

5 Only thing that works for my skin
Submitted on

I really love this. I used to use the Ren Mayblossom and Nude cleansers which never quite worked for me, but after a few days of using this my skin was spot free. It even calms the redness in my skin. Apparently it helps balance the skin and get it back to its normal Ph, while other cleansers just remove dirt. I would recommend to all people with problem skin as this is the only thing I have ever found that worked for me. (But if it is out of budget I would recommend Dr Bronner Liquid Soap, as they are both castile cleansers made of similar oils)

0 Disappointment
Submitted on

I bought Dr. Alkaitis cleanser together with the soothing gel to treat my rosacea I had developed during pregnancy. Both products are meant for sensitive skin type, especially the soothing gel which was suppose to be excellent for treating rosacea. They didn't work for me, my condition did not improve at all if anything if made it worse. Huge disappointment and waste of money! I will stick to Kimberly Sayer range from now.

4 a cleanser that does what a cleanser should
Submitted on

I really did not like this when i first started using it. I'm in my mid twenties and have sensitive oily skin which is very easy to overdry but is congested. I got this in the hopes that it would sort out congestion on my cheeks ( little bumps that just wouldn't go away). First time i used this it seemed like nothing happened, my skin didn't even have that freshly washed look. I didn't have any other cleansers though so kept using this while waiting for a different one to arrive. Next couple of washes seemed to go better and as i payed so much money i thought i'll stick to this and see what happens. First real result showed up a month later, my skin seemed a bit smoother and wasn't breaking out as much. After two months break outs stopped completely apart from during periods. a month after that not even during periods. Six months later my bottle finally ran out, and now i'm using the cleanser that i had ordered prior deciding to stick with this and it has been 3 weeks on a new cleanser and no spots have come back. This product really transformed my skin, it didn't get rid of my congestion just improved it slightly, but it did rebalance it. It takes time so don't expect same day results, but the results are long lasting, and if you wated years to sort out your skin what's couple more months.

4 Gentle but thorough cleanser
Submitted on

I was surprised by how squeaky clean my skin felt after washing, as this doesn't foam much. Skin is left moisturised, however, there hasn't been a drastic change to my pores so I'm giving it 4 stars.