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Cheshire Spa Matcha Face Mask 60g

Cheshire Spa Matcha Face Mask 60g


Cheshire Spa

Size: 60g
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For exfoliating and deep cleansing skin.

This gentle and unusual yet effective combination of organic rice flour, high grade matcha tea powder and frankincense essential oil makes the perfect Exfoliating Face Mask to deep cleanse your skin leaving it feeling soft as silk. Just add water or a good base oil to this fragrant powder to create an absorbent paste for dry or oily skin and let it gently draw out impurities from the skin as it dries.

How to use Cheshire Spa Matcha Face Mask 60g

For oily skin; Add a little warm water to approximately one tablespoon of Matcha Face Mask and mix to a paste. Apply to face and leave for 10mins or until dry. Before removing the mask, damp a little and gently massage into the skin to exfoliate then wash off completely. For dry skin; Substitute the water for a good base oil ( Argan, Sweet Almond or Rosehip) and proceed as above.

Ingredients in Cheshire Spa Matcha Face Mask 60g

Oryza Sativa Powder, (抹茶) Matcha Tea Powder, Boswellia Neglecta Essential Oil

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