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BuzzBalm Ultra Lip Balm - Lime 4g

BuzzBalm Ultra Lip Balm - Lime 4g



Size: 4g
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Problem Dry Skin Areas will be Soothed and Moisturised Allowing the Surface to Heal Naturally.

Restores the balance of the skin providing a skin food packed with vitamins and minerals that support natural healing

It contains only 6 natural ingredients -Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Organic), Beeswax (Organic), Raw Honeys including Manuka, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly Extract, Bee Propolis

100% Natural 85% Organic, Additive and Chemical Free. We also do not use Palm oil or Fruit oil

Handmade Lovingly in Manchester UK using Bee Products Direct from Passionate Beekeeper

In addition, product:

* are free from parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate, sodium laureth sulphate and synthetic fragrances * are free from petrochemicals, lanolin and any other unnecessary synthetic ingredients * are ethically sourced and environmentally friendly * do not contain ingredients which have been tested on animals * do not contain any synthetic fragrances * are not Vegan friendly as they contain bee products

How to use BuzzBalm Ultra Lip Balm - Lime 4g

Apply lip balm sparingly to a finger and once softened smooth onto the skin as often as needed. Precaution: Product contains bee products including pollen which can cause severe allergic reactions. Use a small amount initially and if you experience a skin reaction stop using. If the product comes in contact with eyes rinse thoroughly. Not Suitable for Children Under 3 Years

Ingredients in BuzzBalm Ultra Lip Balm - Lime 4g

Olea Europaea (Fruit Oil) * Cera Alba * Mel (Honey) Bee Pollen Royal Jelly Extract Propolis Cera * Organic

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