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BuzzBalm All Purpose Skin Cream 30g
  • Buzzbalm all purpose skin cream 30g
  • Buzzbalm all purpose skin cream 30g
  • Buzzbalm all purpose skin cream 30g

BuzzBalm All Purpose Skin Cream 30g



Size: 30g
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This is an Amazing Skin Product Made Using Some of the Most Effective and Healing Natural Products Known.

A Range of Raw Honeys with Propolis, Beeswax and Bee Pollen as well as Royal Jelly are Combined Carefully to Preserve the Properties in Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil. Creating a Magic Bee Elixir Which will Help Rebalance and Regenerate Your Skin.

Problem Dry Skin Areas will be Soothed and Moisturised Allowing the Surface to Heal Naturally.

Restores the balance of the skin providing a skin food packed with vitamins and minerals that support natural healing

It contains only 6 natural ingredients -Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Organic), Beeswax (Organic), Raw Honeys including Manuka, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly Extract, Bee Propolis

100% Natural 85% Organic, Additive and Chemical Free. We also do not use Palm oil or Fruit oil

Handmade Lovingly in Manchester UK using Bee Products Direct from Passionate Beekeeper

In addition, our products:  

* are free from parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate, sodium laureth sulphate and synthetic fragrances * are free from petrochemicals, lanolin and any other unnecessary synthetic ingredients * are ethically sourced and environmentally friendly * do not contain ingredients which have been tested on animals * do not contain any synthetic fragrances * are not Vegan friendly as they contain bee products

How to use BuzzBalm All Purpose Skin Cream 30g

Apply balm sparingly to the fingers and once softened smooth onto the skin as often as needed. Precaution: Product contains bee products including pollen which can cause severe allergic reactions. Use a small amount initially and if you experience a skin reaction stop using. If the product comes in contact with eyes rinse thoroughly. Not Suitable for Children Under 3 Years

Ingredients in BuzzBalm All Purpose Skin Cream 30g

Olea Europaea (Fruit Oil) * Cera Alba * Mel (Honey) Bee Pollen Royal Jelly Extract Propolis Cera * Organic

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