Bloomtown Frankincense Essential Oil - 100% Pure 10ml

Bloomtown Frankincense Essential Oil - 100% Pure 10ml

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Warm, rich, earthy and balsamic, there is no aroma quite like Frankincense, which is highly valued for its calming qualities. Distilled from the resin of trees of the Boswellia genus, Frankincense has been traded for over 6,000 years and is famous for its mention in the bible as being one of the gifts of Magi. Boswellia serrata is considered superior to Boswellia carterii in terms of its therapeutic qualities. We source our eco-friendly essential oils from only the best suppliers ensuring that they are sustainably and fairly produced.Seek advice from a medical professional before using an essential oil or blend during pregnancy or if you have a serious medical condition.

Boswellia serrata (Frankincense) Oil

Our premium essential oils are super concentrated and an excellent value for money:

10 ml = 200 drops, or...
33 relaxing baths (6 drops per bath)
20 massages (10 drops diffused in 20 ml of carrier oil)
2-3 months of regular diffuser use!
Take care when dispensing

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