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Bliss Shea Butter 50ml
  • Bliss shea butter
  • Bliss shea butter
  • Bliss shea butter

Bliss Shea Butter 50ml


Bliss Shea

Size: 50ml
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Bliss Shea Butter comes from a sub-species of the Shea-butter tree, indigenous to the Nile region of Africa. Shea-butter from the Nilotica variety is soft and fragrant, with high levels of olein and therapeutic essential oils. It is also rich in Vitamin A, E, K, F, Cinamic acid and, Phytonutrients like stigmastrol.

Softer and smoother in consistency than West African Shea-butters, Bliss Shea Butter is a unique and precious botanical substance, a blend of natural compounds with unparalleled healing and moisturizing effects on the skin. Our Certified Organic East African Shea Butter is highly nourishing and is remarkably effective in healing dry and cracked skin, eczema, psoriasis and sun damaged skin.

How to use Bliss Shea Butter 50ml

Face : Apply Bliss Shea butter and massage through the skin.Pay attention to the lower part of your nose,end of lips,forehead and ear. Hands: Applying shea butter on your hands whenever its dry will them soft and smooth by keeping them hydrated all day long. Feet: Soak your feet in warm water,scrub it to remove the dead skin.pat dry and massage your feet intensely with Bliss Shea butter to leave them soft silky and crack free. Hair: Heat a little bliss shea butter using the double boiling method.let it cool down and massage it on your scalp and wrap it with a hot towel for 20mins.Wash off the normal way. Benefits of using Bliss Shea Butter : -Rejuvenated radiant skin (anti aging& anti wrinkle) - Smooth silky feet - Natural body moisturizer - Prevention from sun burn - Achieve an even tone skin eliminating pigmentation curve - Excellent after shave moisturizer for men - Reduce hair fall - Reduce dandruff due to the olien content present in it - Prevent pregnancy stretch marks - Relief from extreme dry skin(like Eczema) - excellent prevention from baby diaper rashes.

Ingredients in Bliss Shea Butter 50ml

100% Ecocert certified East african Shea Butter.

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