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X Bellapierre Glitter Powder Sparkle 3.5g

X Bellapierre Glitter Powder Sparkle 3.5g



Size: 3.5g
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Cosmetic Glitters can add some sparkle to your life! For some added va va voom apply these beautiful glitters to eyes, hair, lips, body or even to your favorite bubble bath to liven up your bath time! Bellapierre's ultra-fine loose cosmetic face and body glitter is FUN, versatile and extremely brilliant. Put shimmer and sparkle anywhere you want. You can enhance your look with subtle touches of glitter or go all out with dynamic and intense glitter effects. The cosmetic glitters are the bling you have been craving without going too bling bling! These are a fantastic way to add some fun and variety to any of your existing mineral colors. No matter what age you are, add some life to your face by applying a little bit of pizzazz. Cosmetic glitters allow you to choose where you want to catch a person’s attention. It’s your choice! Whatever look you are going for, the cosmetic glitters line will offer you the fun and youthful look you have been longing for.

Sifter jar – 3.5g

How to use X Bellapierre Glitter Powder Sparkle 3.5g

As an eye shadow Use with Bellapierre "Colour Stay". This will allow you to adhere glitters and prolong their staying power.

Ingredients in X Bellapierre Glitter Powder Sparkle 3.5g

Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron oxides. May contain: Carmine.

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