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Barely Definer Sponge Hard
  • Barely definer sponge hard
  • Barely definer sponge hard
  • Barely definer sponge hard

Barely Definer Sponge Hard



Size: One Piece
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Designed to define: the ideal tool for highlighting, contouring, blotting and blending.

Barely’s Definer sponges were created by Industry Make-up professionals incorporating sharp lines for contours and guiding as well as round edges for blotting and blending. Barely’s sponges have also been clinically tested and absorb less than 2% of the foundation added to them when damp.

The Barely Definer Sponge is a premium multi-function product which make-up users can easily add to their kit safe in the knowledge that these all-in-one products cut makeup application time in half by replacing the need for a range of brushes.

When used correctly these multi-purpose definer sponges can be used for the application of foundation, powder, blusher, bronzer and concealer. They can also be used for contouring, highlighting, stippling as well as a guide for flicked liner, a smudger for lower liner and because of its design it’s ideal for that last minute touch ups to create sharp defined finishes to your make up.

How to use Barely Definer Sponge Hard

For best results: Wet with warm water, then squeeze so that the sponge is just a little damp before use. This increases the surface area and allowing for quicker application times. Use Definer Hard in a bouncing motion, this method allows foundation to blend better to the skin and makes base products appear as part of the skin.

Ingredients in Barely Definer Sponge Hard

Material: PU

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