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Balm Balm Organic Muslin Face Cloths - pack of 3

Balm Balm Organic Muslin Face Cloths - pack of 3


Balm Balm

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Organic Cotton Muslin cloths to enhance your cleansing routine and leave your skin feeling polished & pampered. Made from light weight organic muslin that will quickly dry between uses.

Reviews for Balm Balm Organic Muslin Face Cloths - pack of 3

Average rating: based on 4 customer reviews

4 Lovely but rough

I really like these but they can be a bit rough and scratchy. I thought it might be because they were new but I have washed then a few times now and the fabric is just as coarse. That's not necessarily a bad thing as it gets the skin clean but worth thinking about if you have very sensitive skin

08 May 2017 by Michelle
5 Love them

love them
definitely worth trying

09 Oct 2015 by Mon
5 eKomi Review

These are perfect for gentle but effective cleansing. My skin tends to get on oilier side but I love using creamy cleansers and cleanings oils for getting rid of make up. Using muslin cloth is perfect for getting off any residue from cleanser and all traces of make up.

27 Oct 2014 by Urša
4 eKomi Review

Skin friendly

17 Oct 2014 by Naomie