Ayumi Pure Glycerine 150ml

Ayumi Pure Glycerine 150ml

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Deeply hydrating, restorative and nourishing, Glycerine is a 100% pure vegetable-derived natural moisturiser. Naturally protecting, it helps to maintain skin’s natural balance by drawing moisture from the environment to hydrate the surface layers of the skin. Naturally odourless, Glycerine can be used on its own or combined with Rosewater or essential oils to give it a delicate aroma, leaving skin soft, supple and delicately scented.

100% Glycerin (BP GRADE)

Use in pure form, or mix with rosewater for extra nourishment and to add a floral scent.

For face: combine 1tsp Glycerine with 2tsps water/ Rosewater and massage gently into skin.

For body: use neat, or combine 5tsps Glycerine with 4 cups water and massage all over.

For bath: add a few drops to the bath to help skin absorb and retain moisture.

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