Ayumi Cold Pressed Sesame Seed Oil 150ml

Ayumi Cold Pressed Sesame Seed Oil 150ml

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Sesame oil is traditionally and commonly used in Ayurveda. The nutrient rich sesame seed itself is a symbol of prosperity and health in ancient traditions across the world. Sesame seed oil contains dietary fiber which provides support towards a healthy colon. It has also been used to support numerous healthy systems in the body, including the nervous system, bones and muscles, skin and hair, the and the male and female reproductive system. This nourishing, calming, and warming oil is a fundamental part of the nurturing Ayurvedic massage tradition of India.

100% Cold Pressed Pure Sesame Seed Oil

Apply sesame oil on your skin, leave it for 15 minutes followed by rinsing it off gently with warm water. If you wish to use it on your scalp to promote hair health; massage the oil into your scalp and leave it on for at least 30 minutes. Rinse and wash with shampoo. For massage; pour a small amount of oil in the hand and begin to massage your scalp and face with circular motions.

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