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Antipodes Divine Face Oil (Certified Organic) 30ml

Antipodes Divine Face Oil (Certified Organic) 30ml



Size: 30ml
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Boosts the skin's natural production of Type l and lll collagen and elastin by up to 51%*

Keeps skin soft and hydrated, light & non greasy, boost for stressed skin.

Antipodes' organic face oil is simply out of this world. Light and nongreasy, it penetrates instantly to keep your skin soft and completely hydrated. With its entrancing fragrance of ylang ylang, sweet orange and jasmine your skin will be radiant with good health and feel divine. Antipodes' Divine Face Oil is the ultimate boost for stressed skin!

Elements of Beauty Ylang ylang regulates and balances skin texture * essential fatty acids like Omega 9 keep skin strong and hydrated * the high chlorophyll content of emerald green avocado oil is nature's own special antioxidant.

How to use Antipodes Divine Face Oil (Certified Organic) 30ml

Apply at sunrise or sunset by lightly stroking into your face, neck and cleavage. A fabulous base for make-up or as night-time nourishment. Use within 3 months of opening.

Ingredients in Antipodes Divine Face Oil (Certified Organic) 30ml

Avocado Oil, Macadamia Oil, Jojoba Oil, Rosehip Oil, Ylang Ylang Oil, Amyris Balsamiferia Bark Oil, Sandlewood Oil, Jasmine Oil, Orange Oil, Vitamin E, benzyl benzoate, benzyl salicylate, cirtnellol, d-limonene, farnesol, geraniole, isoeugenol, linalool - all components of the essential oils. This skincare product is certified organic by IFOAM. Contains certified organic ingredients. 100% natural & 95% organic.

Reviews for Antipodes Divine Face Oil (Certified Organic) 30ml

Average rating: based on 5 customer reviews


Skin type: Dry, sensitive.

Lovely product but unfortunately I find it quite heavy so can congest skin causing small break outs. I tend to save it for when my skin is particularly in need of attention - perhaps once or twice a week after a mask or exfoliating.

1 eKomi Review

I got an allergy and need to consult with doctor ***

5 eKomi Review

Brilliant, love it!

5 eKomi Review

I haven´t received it yet :)

4 eKomi Review

Just started to use, first impression is good,soaks up well, seems to clear dry spots on my face left by all the wind and rain.