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Angle Brush - By Inika

Inika Angle Brush



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The INIKA Angle Brush is a must have for all collections. This is the perfect multi function brush for applying INIKA eyeshadows over the eyeliners to give your eyes dramatic and iridescent colour. Ideal for applying eyeshadow wet to create an eyeliner effect and achieve a sleek finish every time. Can also be used to fill in the brows.

100% Vegan and Certified Cruelty Free.

How to use Inika Angle Brush

Dip the Angle Brush into your favourite INIKA eyeshadow and press onto the eyelid and the crease. Apply over eyeliners for dramatic and iridescent colour. Ideal for applying eyeshadow wet to create an eyeline. Can also be used to fill in the brows.

Ingredients in Inika Angle Brush

100% synthetic materials and wood from sustainable forestry. To protect all your INIKA brushes, cleanse regularly using a chemical free shampoo. Lather and rinse until the water runs clear and leave to dry naturally overnight.

Reviews for Inika Angle Brush

Average rating: based on 1 customer review

5 Absolute ESSENTIAL

This may not have you jumping around the room when it arrives in its package, but the looks you can create with this will have people noticing YOU far more than you might imagine.

A good quality brush, with well-designed handle (length etc.) and bristles (no shedding).

How you will use it will depend on what shadows you have got, how you do your liner etc. And you don't even need to own a single Inika product to make the same use from this brush!

You can prescision-apply dark colours RIGHT into the lashline for a smokey-eye or more natural take on 'eyeliner'. A thick line just doesn't suit some of us due to our eye shape or if we are unlucky enough to have hooded eyes. So you find ways round it. You study make-up books. And you practice. A LOT. If you put dark colour right up at the lashline it also accentuates your eyelashes even before you've put your mascara on, so that's lovely.

I give mine a quick swatch on a tissue after use, or a sanitising wipe if it's been used for colour & I feel it's appropriate. Usually the tissue is just fine. Every now & then, clean your brushes and leave to dry flat on a towel. You don't HAVE to have a special cleanser, although it's nice to have it; many 'in the know' say they use gentle shampoos for a fraction of the price!

Coming onto some of the other ways you can use this, obviousy you can apply colour to your brows, or use any kind of balm etc. to tidy them up & keep them in one place & without a hair astray. I would recommend start with little product & work your way up. If you inadvertently apply too much & get a really strong look it's going to take time & difficulty to correct it. We want 'Bombshell' in double-quick time, not to be fixing up mistakes each time we move on a step, so go easy & you'll get it right first time.

Lastly, one of the most fun things to do is to go ahead with applying your dark pencil eyeliners as usual, then use the brush to gently apply eyeshadow over the top. It *completely* changes it and makes it irridescent and like a humming bird or something. A-MAZ-ING! It works best with the Inika eyeshadows, but if you can't run to that right now then use pastels or shimmery colours. The precision brush allows you to apply your colour directly over the previous eyeliner only, so you will have the most eyecatching effect. And hey, experiment. You may find that one colour you least expect, when combined with a certain eyeliner, does something else that wows you, so you can always have a go.

This brush allows you to do amazing things. It's good value, good quality and necessary for many of the new looks that are coming out over and over again. If you don't already own one, this is the best to choose; for ease of use, for bristles angled perfectly so the brush does the work for you, and so that you can knock those other babes for six! If there's a party coming up, or you're just heading to the club at the weekend, make yourself stand out. Just keep yourself safe. I never used to go out without a chaperone to get us all home safely & we looked out for eachother. Make yourself gorgeous but make sure you're prepared for the effects! Men may be drawn to you like magnets. Keep your drink with you, take only a licensed cab & make sure you have some emergency cash that does *not* go on Vodka so you can pay for the ride home. Keep safe & have fun girls. x