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Alteya Certified Organic Rose Water (250ml/8.5oz)

Alteya Certified Organic Rose Water (250ml/8.5oz)


Alteya Organics Exquisite Essentials

Size: 250ml/8.5oz
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Bottled in the heart of the Valley of Roses in Bulgaria, Alteya’s certified organic Bulgarian Rose Water is world’s most exquisite 100% pure, natural, organic flower water. The beautiful fragrance, special qualities and plants’ synergy of our organic rose water are well known all over the world.

Alteya’s Pure Organic Rose Water is Therapeutic and Food Grade product. By using a unique distillation technique, which embodies century-old traditions and modern technology, we distill a special grade rose water that completely preserves the biodynamic energy of the rose plant.

100% Natural Steam-Distilled Flower Water

√100% Pure √100% Natural √100% Certified


√Therapeutic √Anti-inflammatory and acne-preventing and balancing √Anti-aging and moisturizing √Rejuvenating, stimulating and harmonizing √Digestion-stimulating and anti-septic √Food and beverage flavour enhancer

Earth-friendly product:

√100% Natural and Organic √Synthetic chemical-free √Artificial fragrance-free √Paraben-free and Petrochemical free √GMO-free √Animal cruelty-free

How to use Alteya Certified Organic Rose Water (250ml/8.5oz)

/Skincare/Haircare/ Cleansing, energizing, and toning for all skin types – a perfect finish for your daily cleansing routine. Use this aromatic mist to soften and hydrate your skin and hair and indulge in the gentle rose aroma. /Aromatherapy/ The rejuvenating fragrance uplifts the spirits and harmonizes the mind. Use as a bathtub supplement for stress-relief or spray your room, bed sheets, and clothing. /Cooking/ Natural flavour-enhancer for foods and beverages. Add it to your exotic desserts, beverages and cocktails. /Household/ The pleasant rose aroma will make cleaning enjoyable. Use it as an all-purpose, non-toxic, Earth-friendly household cleaner. /Pet-care/ Known to help against eye problems and skin irritations. Use as an environmental fragrance in pet areas and beddings.

Ingredients in Alteya Certified Organic Rose Water (250ml/8.5oz)

Pure organic steam-distilled Rosa Damascena water. Steam-distilled from fresh Bulgarian Rosa Damascena rose blossoms.

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