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Aloree Detox Facial Scrub Kit - 5g

Aloree Detox Facial Scrub Kit - 5g



Size: 5g
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A unique and innovative 'mini spa' kit which turns LIFE RESOURCE RADIANT MASK or STRONG PURIFIER CLEANSING GEL into a wonderful facial scrub to purify and brighten the complexion. Contains olive kernel powder, a rich purifying substance, and the Alfalfa seeds to stimulate skin microcirculation leaving your skin soft, regenerated, detoxified and its original, luminous skin tone is restored.

ACTIVE AGENTS : Alfalfa seeds and olive kernel powder.

How to use Aloree Detox Facial Scrub Kit - 5g

Apply mask to clean, dry skin. Mask can be used weekly. To oxygenate and detoxify - apply a thick layer, leave for 10 mins then rinse with water. For an instant beauty boost - apply a thin layer, leave on 3-5 mins then remove excess with a damp cotton pad.

Ingredients in Aloree Detox Facial Scrub Kit - 5g

MEDICAGO SATIVA (ALFALFA) SEED*, Olea Europaea (OLIVE) SEED. *ingredients from Organic Farming 100 % of total ingredients are of natural origin. Alfalfa seeds are certified by ECOCERT, Olive Kernel powder is natural.

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