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AEOS Nail File

AEOS Nail File



Size: 1 file
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Crystal nail files are hygienic, eco-friendly, gentle and effective for creating smooth, flawless nails. Crystal nail files seal the nail tip as you file, preventing water, dirt and debris from seeping into the nail tip. This is one of the reasons nails can chip, crack and peel, so after you use your crystal nail file for about one month, you will notice a considerable difference in how strong your nails are and they won't crack, chip and peel as much.

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How to use AEOS Nail File

File from nail edge to centre. Use as needed.

Ingredients in AEOS Nail File

Crystal Nail File

Reviews for AEOS Nail File

Average rating: based on 3 customer reviews

5 eKomi Review

I am amazing by how smooth my nails feel after using this file. Really quick and very fine filing. It might seem expensive for one file, but definitely worth it.

5 eKomi Review

Files my nails down very well and reduces the need to cut them.

5 eKomi Review