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1001 Remedies Good Night 30ml
  • 1001 remedies good night 30ml
  • 1001 remedies good night 30ml
  • 1001 remedies good night 30ml

1001 Remedies Good Night 30ml


1001 Remedies

Size: 30 ml
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This rich, 99.8% from natural origin relaxing balm, based on the soothing Melissa essential oil, will allow you to sleep through 1001 Nights. A natural remedy for anxiety that will immediately help you relax and instantly relieve any accumulated stress. Studies indicate a reduction in the levels of anxiety in 80% of cases *. Its delicate fragrance will take you back in childhood at bedtime listening to a tale of the 1001 Nights. You will feel calmed and slip into a lasting deep sleep that will improve your overall better quality of life.

How to use 1001 Remedies Good Night 30ml

Step 1: Every night before going to bed, slowly rub a small quantity of the balm on the décolleté and inside the wrists for a baby sleep. A shower one hour before going to bed and/or relaxing music will ensure your body and spirit remain in balance. Step 2: Close your eyes and sense the refreshing touches of Melissa and the sweet touches of Neroli that will make you step into a world of dreams. Allow the balm to penetrate your skin and notice how it leaves your body delicately scented through the night.

Ingredients in 1001 Remedies Good Night 30ml

The Melissa essential oil has the capacity to relax the heart and the nervous system, hence calming the body, alleviating sleep disorders and facilitating a deep sleep. The Neroli, a renowned nerve calming and anti-stress ingredient will allow you to soothe states of anxiety. The Chamomile essential oil, known for its sedative properties is particularly powerful as an oil for sleep deprivation. Nevertheless, it is one of the gentlest of essential oils, especially indicated to alleviate children’s ailments and states of edginess.

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