Beauty Box F.A.Q.s

Do all subscribers receive the same items?

Yes, everyone receives the same items.

The only exception to this maybe in the case of make-up or nail polish where the product will be the same but the colours or shades may vary.

There may also be a slight change for our customers outside of the UK if the box contains items deemed unsuitable for overseas delivery (usually perfumes or nail treatments).

When will I receive my Beauty Box?

Whatever month you sign up in, your 1st box will be the following month’s.

For example, if you sign up in February your 1st box will be March’s. If you sign up in March your 1st box will be April’s and so on

When are the Beauty Boxes dispatched? 

Our Beauty Boxes are always dispatched as close to the 10th of each month as possible. If the 10th falls between Friday and Monday then dispatch is usually the following Tuesday.

All UK boxes are dispatched via Royal Mail 1st Class post (usually 1-3 days delivery)

Beauty Boxes are non-refundable once shipped.

PLEASE NOTE: A shipment email is sent automatically when the subscription is created. No emails are sent when the boxes are shipped

Will I receive confirmation of my subscription?

Yes. You will receive an email confirming your subscription in the same way you would do if ordering a regular product from LoveLula.

Am I tied into a contract?

Definitely not.

If you take out a monthly subscription via a Recurring Payment each month you can simply cancel at anytime.* (See ‘How do Cancel my Beauty Box).

However, your subscription is for 12 boxes with 12 payments.

After the 12th payment has been made you will receive an ‘offer to re-subscribe’.

The reason we don’t have open-ended subscriptions is to protect us from sudden price rises from our suppliers or delivery companies.

PLEASE NOTE: The 3-monthly, 6-monthly and yearly options are non-refundable!

*PLEASE ALSO NOTE: If you subscribe and unsubscribe within the same month for 3 months in succession, LoveLula reserves the right to cancel any future subscriptions. We offer a 1 month subscription service whos price reflects the administration costs of customers who continually subscribe & resubscribe within the same month.

How do I subscribe and pay?

Before subscribing you must create an account with LoveLula.

You can then select whichever subscription option that suits you, add that selection to your shopping cart and complete the checkout process in the same way you would do when making a regular purchase at LoveLula.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are subscribing to our Beauty Box but also have other products from the LoveLula shop in your basket, you will not be able to redeem any Loyalty Points, Discount Codes or use any Priority Shipping services in the same purchase.

If you have any Loyalty Points or Discount Codes you wish to redeem or Priority Shipping Services then you will need to remove the Beauty Box subscription and complete 2 separate orders. Loyalty Points are not accumulated against beauty boxes

You can subscribe using any valid debit or credit card.

PLEASE NOTE: If the debit or credit card you use expires during the length of your subscription, you must contact us so we can update your subscription with your new details. Failure to do so will result in your subscription being cancelled.

You can subscribe on any day during the month.

If subscribing on a rolling monthly basis then your 1st payment for your 1st box will be taken immediately then the 2nd payment will be taken on the same day the following month and so on until either 12 payments for 12 months are taken or you unsubscribe.

We do not accept payment by Direct Debit or PayPal.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to Data Protection we can’t set up a Recurring Payment over the telephone; the subscription process must be completed online.

I want it sent as a gift. How do I do that?

Many people send the LoveLula Beauty Box as a gift.

Simply complete the subscription process using your own details as the billing address but complete the shipping details with your recipient’s address.

If purchased as a gift we can also provide a small ‘gift-tag’ with a message of your choosing. You will need to email and title the email ‘Beauty Box Gift Message’ with the wording you require. We will then include the personalised message in the first box. We are unable to offer gift wrap on our beauty box.

PLEASE NOTE: As you are funding the subscription we will still retain yourself as the primary contact.

Can you send my box to my work address instead of home?

Yes of course.

The LoveLula Beauty Box will not fit through a standard letterbox so many people get their boxes delivered to a different address.

Simply complete the subscription process using your billing address but then use the shipping address details of the property you’d like your Beauty Box to be delivered to.

Can I change my address part way through my subscription?

Yes of course.

Simply email in to request this: Any changes must be made by the last day of the month for the following month's box.

Is the LoveLula Beauty Box available outside of the UK?

Yes … but only with pre-paid options

We currently can’t accept the Recurring Monthly Payment for customers outside of the UK.


  • Our Beauty Boxes that are delivered outside of the UK are priced slightly higher to reflect our increased postal costs. These costs are included in the price. No additional postage charges are applied at the checkout.
  • Due to restrictions by overseas delivery companies, if one of our UK Beauty Boxes contains either a perfume or nail treatment we will replace this item with a different product that is suitable for overseas shipping.
  • Although your Beauty Box will be dispatched at the same time as our UK subscribers, LoveLula cannot guarantee a specific time for delivery as each country around the world has differing standards of service. Please refer to our postage page for more information on dates.
  • LoveLula reserves the rights to cancel subscriptions for countries that experience a high volume of postal service issues. If you are unsure as to whether we ship to your country please ask prior to subscribing. For example, we currently do not ship Beauty Boxes to Russia.
How do I cancel my Subscription?

There are two ways to unsubscribe.

  1. Simply login to your account and follow the Unsubscribe button within your account.
  2. Email us at LoveLula.


    with the email title ‘Unsubscribe from Beauty Box and we will process it for you.
Where can I see previous boxes?

Previous boxes can be seen here: Previous Boxes


Where do I sign up?
Once you have read the Frequently Asked Questions you can: SIGN UP HERE