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We love our organic beauty products. We love the smells, we love the beautiful packaging and we love testing as many brands as possible. Fortunately for us, there seems to be a continuous supply of new products; unfortunately for customers this can become a daunting buying experience and all too often we are simply asked: 'What would you recommend?' Mostly, we tailor-make our recommendations according to people's skin types, sensitivities, allergies, age, their daily routine, whether they like the smell or feel of certain things; but there are also simple answers: 'This one works the best, it smells gorgeous and it's completely natural!' It is a few of those basic, everyday products that we'd like to recommend here. The list changes regularly and we're not always that faithful; even when we find a fantastic shower gel, our senses do tend to wander onto the next shelf!

Santaverde Hydro Repair Gel - I couldn't be without this in my morning routine, a little bit mixed in with my day cream leaves my skin feeling moisturised all day.

REN AHA Resurfacing AHA Concentrate - This is probably my ultimate favourite products ever! It really does work to leave the skin with an amazing complexion; it feels really soft and definitely looks younger.

NEOM Refresh Organic Home Candle - I love this candle so much I used it to scent the church and reception venue at my wedding. When I burn it at home now people always notice it’s the same beautiful scent and it takes them back to what was a wonderful day.

Gielly Green Lemon and Muguet Body Wash - I love the refreshing scent of this body wash. It gives just the right amount of lather and leaves your skin feeling wonderful after showering.

Zoya Carmen Nail Polish - I love the Zoya range, but there is something really special about Carmen. It is the perfect shade of red and give a stunning gloss finish.